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Deep-learning neural network creates its own interpretive dance

Posted on 10/02 06:50 in Shows | 0

Yet Spore took the easy road: None of the creatures look like human beings, which means we have no idea what they’re supposed to dance like.The neural network software lab Peltarion has teamed up with the Lulu Art Group to create the catchily-named “Chor-rnn,” a self-taught, dancing human skeleton.

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Qualcomm announces new deep learning SDK with support for Snapdragon 820, heterogeneous compute

Posted on 01/25 10:00 in Shows | 0

The new SDK (the Snapdragon Neural Processing Engine) runs on top of Qualcomm’s Zeroth Machine Intelligence Platform and is designed to leverage the heterogeneous compute capabilities of the Snapdragon 820.This core was rumored to be included as standard on all Snapdragon 820 devices.

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What is ‘smart’ nutrition, and how will it revolutionize food?

Posted on 05/18 16:03 in Shows | 0

While the idea of legislating diet will catch in more than one person’s gorge, thankfully there is an alternative, and it’s called the smart nutrition revolution.) When it comes to personalized diets based on genetic mutations, there are literally hundreds of mutations at play.

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Life after death? It may depend on how much you tweet, blog, post, or email

Posted on 07/02 14:30 in Shows | 0

Teaming up with researchers at Ryerson University, Rahnama describes his goal as bridging “the gap between life and death by eternalizing our digital identity.The writing of these intellectual giants could very well be sufficient to create an AI personality that mimics their style of thinking and expression.

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Amazon robots close to replacing the rest of warehouse workers

Posted on 07/05 19:05 in Shows | 0

For anyone wondering whether robots are gaining ground on people when it comes to performing repetitive tasks, you need look no further than the Amazon Picking Challenge.The flexibility to handle the wide-variety of objects found in an Amazon warehouse is perhaps the largest breakthrough needed to make general-purpose warehouse robots a reality.

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Intel acquires deep learning company, will focus on next-generation AI

Posted on 08/10 14:16 in Shows | 0

Now, Intel is tossing its own hat into the ring by buying the deep learning software and hardware developer Nervana Systems.The company’s third product hasn’t actually launched yet, but it might be the principle reason why Intel bought this company in particular.

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Apple wants you to know that it loves AI more than you realize

Posted on 08/29 21:50 in Shows | 0

Both Google and Facebook have released major AI technologies into open source, and Google’s DeepMind famously tackled the challenge of Go, by beating one of the world’s best players.So Apple took the very unusual step of spending an entire day bragging about its AI efforts to journalist Steven Levy, who published a very-thorough account on Backchannel.

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Robots receive a scary-accurate new voice, courtesy of Google’s DeepMind

Posted on 09/12 20:29 in Shows | 0

Whatever you may think of the robotic voices foisted upon the world thanks to Google Voice Search and Siri, you’re unlikely to mistake them for human voices.With DeepMind’s WaveNet, we may be witnessing the emergence of something like an uncanny waveform, a robotic voice close enough to our own as to be distinctly creepy.

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Scientists develop official guidance on robot ethics

Posted on 09/20 13:47 in Shows | 0

This was long before even the most rudimentary artificial intelligence existed, so Asimov created a basic framework for robot behavior called the Three Laws of Robotics.Now the British Standards Institute (BSI) has issued its own version of the Three Laws.

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Amazon adds Nvidia GPU firepower to its compute cloud

Posted on 10/03 14:20 in Shows | 0

One reason Amazon gave for its decision to offer GPU compute as opposed to focusing on scaling out with additional CPU cores is the so-called von Neumann bottleneck.This wait-state became known as the von Neumann bottleneck, and it had become a serious problem by the 1970s.

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In a historic moment for AI, computers gain ability to generalize learning between activities

Posted on 10/24 18:39 in Shows | 0

However, one pièce de résistance has always remained: No matter how good at prediction a neural network became, it lacked the ability to generalize that ability to learning new tasks.Now, for the first time, a neural network has achieved it.

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MIT makes breakthrough in morality-proofing artificial intelligence

Posted on 11/01 18:03 in Shows | 0

But the difficulty is compounded when they involve artificial neural networks.Towards this end, researchers at MIT are investigating ways of making artificial neural networks more transparent in their decision-making.

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Nvidia absolutely crushes its quarterly earnings, has its first $2 billion quarter

Posted on 11/11 23:17 in Shows | 0

Other sources, like Quadro, grew a modest 9%, but nothing like the leap that gaming GPUs saw.Data center revenue grew by 59% as well, though this was much smaller in absolute terms ($230 million in data center sales, versus over $1 billion in gaming revenue).

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AMD adds GPU firepower to Google's cloud services

Posted on 11/16 14:06 in Shows | 0

A recent deal Team Red inked with Google could help AMD establish a foothold in this emerging market, and give its GPU business an important shot in the arm.Beginning in 2017, AMD’s FirePro SC9300 x2 server GPUs will be deployed to accelerate the performance of Google’s Compute Engine and the Google Cloud Machine.

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Intel announces major AI push with upcoming Knights Mill Xeon Phi, custom silicon

Posted on 11/21 14:12 in Shows | 0

The upcoming Knights Mill is still pretty hazy, but Intel has stated that the chip will be up to 4x faster than existing Knights Landing hardware.Right now, the company is working on three separate forays into the AI / deep learning market.

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AMD launches Radeon Instinct GPUs to tackle deep learning, artificial intelligence

Posted on 12/12 16:11 in Shows | 0

It’s still fairly early days for the AI and deep learning markets, and AMD could definitely use the cash — but what’s it going to bring to the table?(It’s not clear how much AI and deep learning workloads depend on RAM, but AMD presumably wouldn’t sell the chip into this market if it didn’t have a viable use-case for it.

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Deep learning algorithm diagnoses skin cancer as well as seasoned dermatologists

Posted on 01/25 19:41 in Shows | 0

During recent tests, the algorithm performed just as well as almost two dozen veteran dermatologists in deciding whether a lesion needed further medical attention.“We made a very powerful machine learning algorithm that learns from data,” said Andre Esteva, co-lead author of the paper and a graduate student at Stanford.

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Google unveils super-resolution 'zoom-and-enhance' tech

Posted on 02/08 20:35 in Shows | 0

In real life, various techniques have been used to restore detail to images, but so far they have tended to work with what’s there.Called super resolution, the goal is to create or restore detail in an image in the process of increasing its resolution.

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How a poker-playing AI could help prevent your next bout of the flu

Posted on 02/09 17:21 in Shows | 0

You’d be forgiven for finding little exceptional about the latest defeat of an arsenal of poker champions by the computer algorithm Libratus in Pittsburgh last week.Peel back a layer though, and the most recent AI victory is as disturbing as it is compelling.

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IBM is bringing machine learning to a mainframe near you

Posted on 02/16 17:11 in Shows | 0

Modern machine learning — often just referred to as “AI” — has largely been the province of specially trained computer scientists who traffic in exotic modeling frameworks and graduate level math.First, by providing a simplified experience for data modeling and model deployment, it aims to bring those tasks within reach of domain experts already employed by enterprise customers.

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