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'PJ Masks' Tech Toys Add Lights, Sound And Articulation

Posted on 01/11 17:21 in Deals | 0

Growing from strength to strength and approaching its second season, PJ Masks is fast becoming the talk of the playground.The show that airs on Disney Junior revolves around three children heroes who gain special power when they put on their pyjama super-hero outfits.

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Mario Kart Is Coming To Nintendo Switch

Posted on 01/13 07:02 in Deals | 0

People who were children, teenagers or young adults during the 90s probably hold the original Mario Kart in a very special place.Well, get ready, because a new Mario Kart is coming on April 28 to Nintendo's just-announced new console, the Switch (which hits stores on March 3 in North America, Hong Kong and various other regions).

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The Crew 2's 2018 release date has been announced

Posted on 08/22 12:21 in More | 0

Ubisoft has announced that the Crew 2 will be releasing on March 16, 2018.You can sign up for a chance to get in on the beta for the game on The Crew 2's website.

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