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Xbox Scorpio whitepaper offers snippets of hardware info, but leaves much to the imagination

Posted on 01/25 09:57 in More | 0

A Microsoft white paper titled "Reaching 4K and GPU Scaling Across Multiple Xbox Devices' has found its way into the hands of Digital Foundry, though sadly it doesn't feature the revelations on the upcoming console that you'd hope.In fact the only concrete hardware info revealed is that the Scorpio will drop the problematic ESRAM of the Xbox One, offer boosted L2 cache and support for memory compression.

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Devolver Digital is hosting games at GDC for devs stopped by the US travel ban

Posted on 02/02 18:02 in More | 0

ICYMI over the weekend, the ban is an executive order recently signed by President Trump.This period covers GDC 2017, which is taking place in San Francisco from February 27 to March 3.

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"Nintendoʼs software developers have mastered" Unreal Engine, says Miyamoto

Posted on 02/07 13:05 in More | 0

Creating software for Nintendo Switch will be much easier for both third parties and Nintendo's teams thanks to full support for the likes of Unreal Engine and Unity, Nintendo has promised."For our previous game platforms, creating our own development tools was a high priority for us, explained Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima.

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Nintendo Clearly Understands The Importance Of Middleware Support For The Switch

Posted on 02/12 18:01 in Deals | 0

In a recent question and answer session with investors in Kyoto, Nintendo seems very confident on its usage of middleware packages such as Unreal Engine 4 for consoles like the Nintendo Switch.Also, even though game software developers in the U.

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Steam Greenlight to be replaced by Steam Direct

Posted on 02/13 09:27 in More | 0

Valve is aiming to take a big step in improving Steam Greenlight by replacing it with a system it's calling Steam Direct, which is targeted for spring 2017." Valve says it is "still debating the publishing fee for Steam Direct.

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DevLog #11 - Greenlight Magic Number? -

Posted on 03/09 07:01 in More | 0

The popular belief among developers running Greenlight campaigns is that there is no hard set yes vote threshold for which a title would likely be greenlit.However, I personally believe that threshold to be around 350 yes votes.

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Posted on 03/15 00:58 in More | 0

Hundreds of mobile indie game developers around the world submitted their game to the Appodeal Indie Game Blast Off Contest, which launched in November 2016.Twelve top finalists were chosen for their potential to become the next big mobile game.

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Rock of Ages 2: Bigger & Boulder - Level comparison: Bologna vs L'Aquila -

Posted on 03/17 21:53 in More | 0

On this occasion I'll be sharing our new take on the Renaissance level that features impressive jumps.Bologna on the left (Rock of Ages 2), L'Aquila on the right (Rock of Ages).

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These things take time and I learn something new with every roadblock. -

Posted on 03/18 16:28 in More | 0

I’ve worked in animation production and as a freelance illustrator.I’ve worked with a couple indie developers as well as a medical animation studio.

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Guns & Explosions SFX Pack Giveaway ! -

Posted on 03/22 19:16 in More | 0

Hi, I am Olivier Girardot, Sound designer and Music Composer.I am new here and I hope I will be making plenty of new friends among this amazing game developers community.

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Game Engines For Virtual Reality Development -

Posted on 03/30 13:34 in More | 0

A new study by SuperData Research claims that “Video games will be the key drivers of virtual reality hardware this year.” This research report reveals how the game/app development in Virtual Reality (VR) is increasing rapidly.

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Apple Launched New Indie Games Section in their App Store -

Posted on 04/04 13:47 in More | 0

The special collections, discounts, and new title launches will continue through the start of next week.The games included in the indie game section will also be promoted on the main App Store, and additionally, Apple has been spotlighting a number of new releases including Kingdom: New Lands, Oxenfree, and Mushroom 11.

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Stitched on Steam Greenlight -

Posted on 04/06 09:10 in More | 0

We are a small team of developers that share a passion to innovate and create special new contents.After many sessions, we finally came up with a game idea.

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Run Android Apps on Your Windows PC

Posted on 04/21 16:51 in Shows | 0

This has led to a plethora of really cool Android apps, some of which aren’t available on iOS or other platforms.Fortunately, with a little leg work, you can run Android apps on a regular old Windows PC.

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The Building Complex Layout -

Posted on 04/24 17:57 in More | 0

The building complex in Episode 1 will be one of the first things players get to experience when playing the game.The idea behind the building’s design was to mix heavy brutalist architecture with a more contemporary setting.

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Creative industries digital game / Blockchain -

Posted on 05/05 18:42 in More | 0

With the purpose to start a dialogue with anyone interested I will present the rules of a game, the game of the creative industries digital market.And what the user sees and interacts with in digital games, verbs, and the blockchain smart contracts are virtually the same.

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