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Scientists grow working human beta cells that can end diabetes in mice

Posted on 02/20 14:58 in Shows | 0

Since we know that diabetes has to do with defective or missing beta cells, we have a very obvious candidate for treatment: Put in functioning beta cells to replace the bad or missing ones.The problem has always been growing those replacement cells properly, directing early-stage stem cells with the ability to “differentiate” into most possible cells to become specifically fully adult pancreatic beta cells.

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Researchers develop 'breathalyzer' that can detect diabetes

Posted on 11/11 16:29 in Shows | 0

Breathalyzers to detect alcohol intoxication have existed for years, as the relationship between blood-alcohol content and alcohol in the breath is well understood.A team of researchers from Oxford University have succeeded in building a device that can flag patients as diabetic without the need for a blood test.

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New Implants Could Treat Type 2 Diabetes Without Needles

Posted on 06/26 18:38 in Shows | 0

Another condition that has resisted the implant approach is type 2 diabetes.But type 2 diabetes is more related to insulin insensitivity than it is to failure to produce insulin in the first place.

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