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China Doesn't Go For 'Pokémon GO'

Posted on 01/13 22:59 in Deals | 0

Sorry, Chinese gamers but Pokémon GO probably won’t be coming to you anytime soon.The mobile game hasn’t been available in China since it launched last summer, and Chinese regulators will probably keep it that way.

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Redeemer is a new top-down violent action game coming to Steam and GOG

Posted on 02/17 13:28 in More | 0

Redeemer, a top-down, close quarters, brutal action game from independent Russian developer Sobaka Studio, will launch for Steam and GOG this spring, Gambitious Digital Entertainment has announced.Gambitious is majority owned by Devolver Digital and some of their most successful independent developer partners.

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Twitch to begin selling games this spring

Posted on 02/28 11:08 in More | 0

What started as a simple streaming platform has become a living, breathing social community," said Twitch.Soon, it will be the best place to buy games as well.

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Digital Game Purchases on Nintendo Switch explained. Can you play on more than one system? Do game saves transfer?

Posted on 03/03 11:18 in More | 0

As expected digital game purchases on Nintendo Switch can only be played on one system at a time - the "active" system linked to your Nintendo Account.However, users can change the active system for their Nintendo Account whenever they like.

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Microsoft Is Sending A Very Clear Message With The Xbox Scorpio Reveal

Posted on 04/04 18:31 in Deals | 0

We'll be hearing more about the Xbox Scorpio this week.Here's the relevant tweet: For those that don't know: Digital Foundry is a vertical on Eurogamer that gets into the nitty gritty of how graphics work across consoles and PC.

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Bayonetta is out on PC, literally right now

Posted on 04/11 18:29 in More | 0

An announcement like this has been speculated about since a countdown timer appeared on SEGA's site last week.The PC version can run at 60FPS (30 for cutscenes), and has resolutions unlocked up to 4K ultra HD.

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Sims 4 is finally coming to Xbox One, three years later

Posted on 07/25 14:20 in More | 0

The Sims 4 is coming out on the Xbox One and it‘s been scheduled for release on November 17, according to its listing on the Microsoft store.But I ask this: what’s three days in comparison to three years?

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Surprise! Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s Rez Infinite is now out on PC with VR support

Posted on 08/10 13:56 in More | 0

Enhance Games has released the critically acclaimed psychedelic rail shooter Rez Infinite on Steam and the Oculus Store.The game can also be played without the VR function on a regular monitor, ensuring that those without VR won’t be left out.

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'Dissidia Final Fantasy NT' Gets Its Western Release Early Next Year

Posted on 08/18 19:31 in Deals | 0

The console port of the arcade arena versus fighting game Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is finally coming Westward in January of next year.The Ultimate Collector’s Edition priced at $189.

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Which One Of These Will Be Your Job Title In 2037?

Posted on 09/21 15:37 in Deals | 0

Moo (the online print and design company) partnered with sci-fi writer Max Gladstone (and ex-tech industry analyst) to produce an interesting take on the future of the workplace in 20 years time.2037 sounds like a riot if the job titles below come true, from data mining to individuals making homes more connected - there appears to be something for everyone.

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What 1.7 Billion Youtube Views Teaches Startups About Using Data

Posted on 09/29 01:58 in Deals | 0

It’s acknowledged that today's digital economy is predicated on leveraging and optimizing data collection.Theorist Media is a digital consultancy dedicated to educating the market on how to effectively build online communities using data.

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'App Gap' Crisis? Big Data Visionary Urges Test Automation Rethink In IoT Age

Posted on 10/16 00:43 in Deals | 0

” And, enterprises are being urged by the British CEO spearheading the test automation firm’s endeavours to rethink test automation to avoid the “app scrapheap.$696m) last year, launched its AI-powered Digital Automation Intelligence Suite, which brings to testing and the promise of “full automation and predictive analytics” to ensure their customers have a robust digital experiences.

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How Is Digital Mapping Changing The Way We Visualize Racism and Segregation?

Posted on 10/20 12:33 in Deals | 0

How are mapping projects changing the way that we understand our history of racism, segregation and prejudice in America?A number of digital projects are now using GIS (geographic information systems) in order to highlight these issues using the familiar interface of the map.

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