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Were dinosaurs already headed for extinction before the asteroid hit?

Posted on 03/30 22:34 in Shows | 0

When the asteroid hit, it may have simply accelerated an already oncoming apocalypse for the dinosaurs.The question of whether dinosaurs truly “ruled the earth” right up until the asteroid impact some 65 million years ago is an old one, and controversial.

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Be the Dinosaur You Were Born to Be in Saurian

Posted on 05/28 21:40 in More | 0

Becoming a paleontologist never panned out, but thanks to Urvogel Games' Saurian: Hell Creek, there is a possibility for dinosaur lovers like me to scratch that scaly itch which never seems to truly fade.Different dinosaur types have their own skillsets, and players will have to shift their playstyles from dinosaur to dinosaur in order to endure Saurian's rigorous climate.

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Dino Talk with Saurian Devs Urvogel Studios

Posted on 06/07 19:59 in More | 0

Together, they make an open world dinosaur game thanks to Urvogel Studios.Many great games have been released thanks to Kickstarter, like Shenmue III, Superhot, and Star Citizen.

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Interview: Daniele Ferraro Discusses Survival Simulation Game DinoSystem

Posted on 07/30 06:04 in More | 0

The game, currently in Early Access, receives frequent updates from developer Daniele Ferraro, one-half of the Capri-based Capribyte Studios.You have provided a list of changes made and possible changes to come on the game's Steam page.

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Baby dinosaur tail found preserved in amber, complete with feathers

Posted on 12/09 15:43 in Shows | 0

We started with “dinosaurs were like big scaly lizards,” progressed to “dinosaurs probably had feathers,” and now we’re arrived at “here are some actual dinosaur feathers.” A piece of amber discovered at a market in Myanmar has been confirmed to contain a baby dinosaur tail, which is covered with dense feathers.

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