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New Star Trek: Discovery will take place before TOS, focus on previously unexplored events

Posted on 08/12 16:20 in Shows | 0

Ever since we found out a new Star Trek TV show would be coming to CBS, there have been questions about the show’s scope, timeline, and focus.According to showrunner Brian Fuller, the new Star Trek: Discovery will focus on seven main characters with a female lead who’s a Lieutenant Commander rather than the Captain.

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This week in space: all stuff from inside the solar system, for once

Posted on 01/13 20:11 in Shows | 0

We don’t have direct access to the core — the best we can do is boreholes and, sometimes, magma.For some years, scientists have been pretty sure that the inner core of the Earth is made of 85% iron and 10% nickel.

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Star Trek: Discovery's First Real Trailer Finally Drops

Posted on 05/18 15:38 in Shows | 0

The show, Star Trek: Discovery, has been through several retoolings, including the addition (and departure) of Brian Fuller.Unlike previous Star Trek shows, Discovery deliberately won’t focus on the captain (or space station commander) as its protagonist.

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