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In search of typing perfection: Building a WhiteFox mechanical keyboard

Posted on 07/29 19:46 in Shows | 0

The WhiteFox is a custom mechanical keyboard sold by group buy site Massdrop (sign up required to view listing) and designed by keyboard enthusiast Matteo Spinelli.This phenomenon really picked up in 2014 when the core patents of iconic keyboard switch-maker Cherry expired, allowing cheaper clones of Cherry MX switches to hit the market.

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Hacked-together Lego Mindstorms bot kit brings science to a classroom near you

Posted on 03/22 18:48 in Shows | 0

Stanford researchers have hacked the Lego Mindstorms platform as a springboard to create a liquid-handling robotics kit, using inexpensive, off-the-shelf parts.” To fill that vacuum, the team created their own desktop liquid-handling robots that approach the performance of the far more costly automation systems found at universities and biotech labs, Riedel-Kruse said.

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