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The synthetic human genome could be around the corner

Posted on 05/19 23:10 in Shows | 0

We’ve seen controversial proposals for cloned human beings and three-parent children, mostly in pursuit of fixing some horrible genetic disease — but now, scientists are starting to rumble about the possibility of creating an all-new human genome from scratch.The human genome is more touchy, but we can genetically engineer cultures of human cells, and take individual human genes and put them into similar organisms to see what they do.

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How DNA data storage works, as scientists create the first DNA ‘RAM’

Posted on 07/08 21:39 in Shows | 0

Even more impressive, that data was stored in a quickly and easily accessible form, making it more akin to computer RAM, than computer storage.At the end of the day, DNA’s key special attribute it data storage density: how much information can DNA fit into a given unit volume?

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How MIT’s new biological ‘computer’ works, and what it could do in the future

Posted on 07/25 14:26 in Shows | 0

With a fully realized ability to program cell behavior as reliably as we do computer behavior, there’s no telling what biological computing could accomplish.In 2013, this same team designed the computing strain that preceded this one: a biological “state machine.

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NASA’s new DNA sequencer on the ISS could be used on aliens

Posted on 07/25 15:19 in Shows | 0

The regular resupply missions to the International Space Station include the basics like food, but all sorts of new science toys as well.When a larger molecule like DNA enters the channel, it reduces the current.

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Huge Pew study says human augmentation will be a hard sell, but it probably won’t be

Posted on 07/28 19:51 in Shows | 0

There are basically two arguments against non-medical human augmentation.The study focuses most powerfully on gene editing of babies and adults, upgraded synthetic blood, and intracranial brain implants for cognitive enhancement.

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The gene therapy revolution is coming. Will the US get left behind?

Posted on 08/08 19:45 in Shows | 0

Last year, the United States federal budget included a rider banning certain types of gene therapy research, and that has some in the scientific community worried.” Right off, this issue evokes the similarly US-led bans on embryonic stem cell research — but this is an imperfect comparison.

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Crowdsourced genetics study ferrets out the hereditary roots of depression

Posted on 08/11 21:49 in Shows | 0

But in at least one arena, we really are better off together, and that’s when it comes to crowdsourced genetics studies.The real plaudits go to those individuals who gave permission to share their data and make possible the study.

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Here come the appeals: White House report attacks modern forensic science

Posted on 09/22 16:41 in Shows | 0

The FBI said that it “disagrees with many” of the report’s claims that it “makes broad, unsupported assertions regarding science and forensic science practice.” This will be an uphill battle for those who agree with this White House report.

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Human skeleton found on shipwreck that held mysterious Antikythera Mechanism

Posted on 09/22 19:49 in Shows | 0

They called it the Antikythera device, after the island near which it was found.They fished out everything they could get off the ocean floor, every amphora and coin they could find, and called it done.

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Tardigrade DNA inserted into human cells gives them X-ray resistance

Posted on 09/23 19:34 in Shows | 0

First among the revelations is the finding that water bears might not be all that much not-tardigrade at all.Remember that story about the tardigrade genome being about 17% foreign DNA?

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Scientist claims 115 is the hard limit on human lifespan, but it’s not that simple

Posted on 10/07 16:22 in Shows | 0

Jan Vijg of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine has made a heavily qualified assertion that the maximum human lifespan is 115 years, plus or minus a bit.Since the data don’t show anyone living past about 115, with a very few notable exceptions, Vijg says that the data “strongly suggests” that 115 represents a hard limit to human longevity.

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Researchers discover a virus that makes the toxin from black widow spider venom

Posted on 10/13 19:20 in Shows | 0

Biotechnologists have discovered some horrifying new consequences of lateral gene transfer: a virus that started making the toxin from black widow spider venom, all by itself.It’s even less comforting that the virus acquired the ability to make the black widow toxin all on its own.

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Genetic Sudoku is here, and it vastly speeds genomic analysis

Posted on 11/15 17:24 in Shows | 0

The innovation has to do with one of the most powerful techniques in genetic analysis: whole genome knockout collections.Expose enough bacteria and you can be assured that you’ve got a mutation into every gene in an organism.

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Scientists figure out how to tweak plant genomes to boost photosynthesis

Posted on 11/21 16:52 in Shows | 0

Ample sunlight is good…except when there’s too much of it, which can cause damage to the plant’s cells.As the sun moves across the sky, changes in light can leave many leaves in the shade with a depressed rate of photosynthesis.

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