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How Dolphin finally cracked the code on Star Wars: Clone Wars, now emulates every GameCube title

Posted on 09/09 17:43 in Shows | 0

In this case, the problem boiled down to the GC’s memory management unit, or MMU.The MMU inside the GameCube provides games with virtual memory addresses that it maps internally to physical memory locations.

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Impressive Wii emulator now enables Wii Shop purchases

Posted on 03/20 13:59 in More | 0

Impressive Wii emulator Dolphin has recently been updated to include the ability to access the Wii Shop Channel, from which users can actually buy and download games.Emulation can do amazing things for the SD Wii game visuals, presenting the likes of Skyward Sword and Super Mario Galaxy is crisp HD, but is often criticised for its reliance on pirated/illegal software.

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