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Cassini uld provide breakthrough in hunt for Planet Nine ()

Posted on 06/12 18:15 in More | 0

Scientists working with data captured by Nasa's Cassini spacecraft have identified a region of the Solar System that they say is most likely to conceal Planet Nine.Payne of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics analysed data recorded by Cassini about its relative position to ground stations on the Earth during its investigation of Saturn.

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Red Dwarf: Planet beyond Neptune confirmed as third-largest in the solar system

Posted on 05/13 19:20 in Shows | 0

Astronomers have confirmed that the dwarf planet 2007 OR10 is one of the largest objects beyond the orbit of Neptune that we’re currently aware of.By using these two sources, the researchers were able to confirm that 2007 OR10 is larger than we first thought, with a much slower rotation period.

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