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Mass Effect Andromeda gameplay leaks online - Mass Effect: Andromeda for PS4 News

Posted on 01/14 01:43 in More | 0

Footage of Mass Effect Andromeda taken from a prototype build dating back to around 2014 has appeared online after being spotted in a developer's showreel.All Games Delta grabbed the important bits and posted it to DailyMotion.

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Fear Effect Kickstarter offers demo to tempt more/higher pledges -

Posted on 05/30 11:53 in More | 0

The Kickstarter for Fear Effect Sedna, the Square Enix Collective-backed strategy game set after events of the cancelled Fear Effect 3, hasn't so far managed to attract enough backers to secure funding.The project currently stands at €54,612 of its €100,000 goal, with 22 days remaining.

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Mass Effect: Andromeda to release in early 2017 - Mass Effect: Andromeda for PS4 News

Posted on 05/12 12:15 in More | 0

Mass Effect: Andromeda will now release early in 2017, BioWare has announced."As we’ve been playing the game at the studio recently, it’s showing us that we’re taking the game in the right direction.

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Fear Effect Sedna gets first gameplay footage as PS4 & Xbox One versions are confirmed -

Posted on 05/12 12:16 in More | 0

The Square Enix-backed Kickstarter for Fear Effect Sedna is currently at €74,270 of its €100,000 goal, a target which could soon be reached after PS4 and Xbox One versions were confirmed by developer Sushee.It was a difficult decision for us, because developing on PS4 or Xbox One requires a lot of work, and significant financial investment too," wrote the studio in a Kickstarter update.

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New Fear Effect Sedna video shows off brutal death scene -

Posted on 05/12 12:21 in More | 0

Developer Sushee has released a new video showcasing another death animation sequence from Fear Effect Sedna, the Kickstarter-funded and Square Enix-backed real-time tactical action title.The video shows what happens when Hana walks on some suspicious stone slabs, with the lesson being don't walk on things which look suspicious.

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Fear Effect Sedna is fully funded on Kickstarter - Fear Effect Sedna for PS4 News

Posted on 05/12 12:27 in More | 0

Understandably, developer Sushee is very pleased at reaching the funding target of €100,000, especially given backing appeared to flatline only days after launch.Thankfully, some social media support from Square Enix helped secure around €20,000 in the last three days to push the project into production.

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Fear Effect Sedna finishes with €107,285 - Fear Effect Sedna for PC News

Posted on 06/06 07:32 in More | 0

Developer Sushee had set a funding target of €100k.You deserve a huge thank you!

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Mass Effect: New Earth attraction gets rave review -

Posted on 06/06 07:32 in More | 0

The attraction mainly takes place inside a futuristic sci-fi theatre complete with what the creators – a collaborative effort between Cedar Fair, Electronic Arts, BioWare, and 3D Live - claim to be the world's largest and highest definition LED display.The ride also boasts cameos from the likes of Garrus, Grunt and Shepard, each voiced by the original voice actors.

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Eight new games, including Mass Effect Trilogy, added to Origin Access - Mass Effect 3 for PC News

Posted on 06/06 07:34 in More | 0

Eight new games have been added to the Origin Access Vault, giving members even more value for their £3.99 a month/£19.

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EA doesn't show Mass Effect Andromeda trailer at E3 - Mass Effect: Andromeda for PS4 News

Posted on 06/23 13:19 in More | 0

EA amazed all those tuning into its EA Play conference by not showing off any Mass Effect Andromeda gameplay.Instead, BioWare took to the stage to introduce a behind the scenes feature, which you can see below.

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BioWare explains why Mass Effect 3's ending choices aren't part of Andromeda - Mass Effect: Andromeda for PS4 News

Posted on 06/23 13:22 in More | 0

The ending of Mass Effect 3 was one of the most controversial and talked about moments in gaming of the last generation, but BioWare's desire to make Mass Effect Andromeda a new story means player choices will not carry forward in any impactful way, studio boss Aaryon Flynn and creative Mac Walters have explained." Walters adds that "how long it takes to travel between galaxies" along with the big geographical change in setting means the outcome of Mass Effect 3 is somewhat irrelevant to the new story.

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'Mass Effect: Andromeda' Gets A Spring Release Date

Posted on 01/05 01:40 in Deals | 0

Still, March should be a good month for the new Mass Effect game, which puts players in the shoes of all new characters in an all new galaxy, far from the events of the original trilogy.While the Switch and a potential Zelda release could drain some wallets that month, it's still a far less crowded time than the holiday season when it comes to video game releases.

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I Believe In 'Mass Effect: Andromeda'

Posted on 01/27 16:25 in Deals | 0

Bioware slowly seems to be coming around to the fact that they should probably start advertising Mass Effect: Andromeda a bit more, and they released a couple new videos yesterday showcasing your new ship, crew and adversary.Some have felt a little uneasy about this new Mass Effect for a number of reasons.

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New Mass Effect: Andromeda pre-order trailer shows multiplayer gameplay

Posted on 02/03 14:39 in More | 0

A fresh trailer pushing the Mass Effect: Andromeda pre-order bonuses shows the first real glimpse of multiplayer gameplay we've seen, with a healthy bit of biotic-smashing action.It also shows off the Deep Space Explorer Armour and exclusive skin for the Nomad, your all-terrain, six-wheel-drive, planetary off-roader car.

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BioWare Getting Rid of Paragon and Renegade Conversation System in Mass Effect: Andromeda

Posted on 02/09 11:38 in More | 0

Speaking to Official Xbox Magazine, via GamesRadar, Creative Director Mac Walters has said that Mass Effect: Andromeda's conversation system will not be based upon the Paragon/Renegade system seen in the series' previous three entries.The reason I like that is because in the trilogy it’s like, 'I’m gonna play Paragon,' and then you know which way you’re moving the stick on every conversation,' explained Walters.

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BioWare taking inspiration from The Witcher 3 for Mass Effect Andromeda's side-quests

Posted on 02/10 16:33 in More | 0

Speaking with PC Gamer, Mass Effect Andromeda Producer Fabrice Condominas said that BioWare has learned a bit from the recent Dragon Age title and is looking to make side-quests a more meaty part of their follow up to 2012's Mass Effect 3.'We are approaching the completionist aspect very differently, because we've done and learned a lot from Inquisition,"  which was a BioWare developed game that suffered a bit for its less than stellar side-missions.

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Some progress (added new vid) -

Posted on 02/23 11:34 in More | 0

Next up, I've started work on implementing shadow mapping from an omni-directional point light.This uses the usual method of rendering depth into a texture cube then projecting this onto the scene.

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Limited Edition Mass Effect pack released for Cards Against Humanity

Posted on 02/23 11:50 in More | 0

EA, BioWare and Cards Against Humanity have teamed up for some "out of this world" brand synergy to create a limited edition Mass Effect card pack for the popular adult card game.The limited edition pack costs only $1 (plus international shipping) and features 14 Mass Effect themed cards with which to entertain and/or embarrass your Mass Effect loving friends.

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