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Science may be close to understanding where heavy elements come from

Posted on 05/20 22:20 in Shows | 0

It seems so simple: where do the elements come from?Signals collected from the brightest stars in a tiny galaxy called Reticulum II show far higher concentrations of heavy elements than theorized.

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No Man’s Sky – Resources and elements guide

Posted on 08/12 04:55 in More | 0

No Man’s Sky may start out different for everyone who plays it, but there’s one universal constant at play here: Greed is good.I may have gotten ahead of myself though.

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Scientists identify missing mass in Earth's core

Posted on 01/12 18:54 in Shows | 0

Contrary to what the money-losing 2003 film “The Core” would have you believe, we have no way to access the Earth’s core directly.Now, a new study from researchers at Tohoku University in Japan may have identified the core’s missing mass as silicon.

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Easy to Use Nioh Elemental Effects Guide

Posted on 02/14 11:30 in More | 0

So you've got your shiny new copy of Nioh and have been hacking away for the last week.Elemental effects are a huge help when it comes to taking down the enemy, but for some reason Nioh decided to make them far more difficult to understand than they should be.

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