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The Om Programming Language :) -

Posted on 01/14 21:03 in More | 0

The closest we come to constructors in Om are free functions that return an instance of an Om::Type::Object.Also bear in mind that Om::Type::Functions are entirely first-class entities in Om and can be assigned to variables or passed as parameters as simply as one would pass an Om::Type::Int or any other type.

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I am overburdened, begins. -

Posted on 01/24 18:01 in More | 0

This entry is the first one for the new game I'm working on called "I am overburdened" and the first one when I publish a video log entry too!Currently I'm at a point where the design documentation (and the feature set) is finalized and parts of the prototype is up and running.

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Adding MSAA and stream output support -

Posted on 02/05 02:21 in More | 0

The StreamOutputConfig class is a wrapper around D3D12_STREAM_OUTPUT_DESC that adds validation when setting the various fields and computes the stride in bytes for each output stream.So the code for creating the resource is:Next the stream output buffer view needs to be created.

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I am overburdened, loot is forever. -

Posted on 02/21 12:23 in More | 0

Sorry about that, but last week was spent only on "under the hood" stuff.So from now on, I'm going for condensed and "scripted" logs focusing on the features and development of the game.

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"The Harvest" Goes Live -

Posted on 02/24 03:25 in More | 0

So, the game we made for our "Week of Awesome" entry has finally been put up on greenlight.We have been working for several months porting it over to UE4 since the project was left aside when the primary programmer got hired on for Arma.

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The AI of Power Pong - Learning over time -

Posted on 02/27 12:23 in More | 0

In this entry I will be discussing the AI of Power Pong.A decision was made early on as to how the AI would work.

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I am overburdened, nobody make a sound! -

Posted on 03/03 15:13 in More | 0

My two completed games used pixel graphics and as a natural fit they were armed with 8-bit style sound effects.I'm even less qualified as a sound engineer than as an artist so take my words with a grain of salt!

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Journal #11: Combat Update -

Posted on 03/11 16:22 in More | 0

In my last entry I mentioned the few things that were really remaining for my tactical gameplay.I added a few more weapons definition entries and updated the ship definitions to be the owner of the weapon slots.

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I am overburdened, miles of tiles -

Posted on 03/26 18:18 in More | 0

Pixel art, huge value differences between the wall and the floor tiles and a little noise to make it a little grimy & wrecked.For creating a lot of pixel art tiles, like the ones I made, you are going to need a frame so to say.

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Upgrade Update: Forum Organization -

Posted on 04/02 01:50 in More | 1

Since all Graphics related discussion would go into one forum, we'd organize through predefined Prefixes that are specific to the Forum.For instance, if you have a post about DirectX, then a "DX11" or "DX12" prefix might be used.

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FIFA 17 available on EA and Origin Access

Posted on 04/05 18:23 in More | 0

FIFA 17 is on its way to EA and Origin Access later this month, EA has confirmed.Last year's entry in the long-running football franchise will be available at no extra cost to those who hand over the $4.

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Playing God - The troubles of creating a real-size universe! -

Posted on 04/06 17:48 in More | 0

If you wanted, you can create something cool and then reverse engineer it to make it PG.If PG creates something crappy, it's not because it's PG, it's because the person using it is not good at using PG.

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Social (Media) Butterflies, and the importance of going "hey!" -

Posted on 04/08 18:39 in More | 0

Until about one and a half year ago, I was trying to sharpen my virtual pens with different social media.But social media is the new thing, and I thought I needed to get my hands dirty if I wanted to do anything being fiddling with a hobby.

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Programer art vs Artist art -

Posted on 04/15 05:46 in More | 0

The last month I've been putting the new artwork into the game.Still lots of work, but it's nice to see it come together.

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Developer's Log, star date 3479347646 -

Posted on 05/01 22:02 in More | 0

I thought I'd do something a bit more 'normal' for once and just make an entry about where I am in the development process.I may do this more in the future, since this actually seems to be a place where people read what I write.

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