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Report: Tesla is prepping larger 100kWh batteries for its Model S and Model X

Posted on 08/16 14:47 in Shows | 0

Right now, the longest-range Tesla Model S or X you can purchase has a 90kWh battery inside it, but that could be about to change.The EPA rates the Model S’s 90AWD variant at 294 miles; a linear increase in mileage based on the battery’s additional capacity would be 326 miles.

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New MIT study claims ‘range anxiety’ fears about electric vehicles are overblown

Posted on 08/17 22:49 in Shows | 0

One of the most significant perceived issues around electric vehicles (EVs) is so-called “range anxiety” or the fear that the vehicle won’t have enough stored power to handle daily driving.One problem with nailing down range anxiety, however, is that you have to understand the particular circumstances people face.

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Tesla's First Model 3 Rolls Off the Line, as Company Stock Takes a Beating

Posted on 07/08 01:28 in Shows | 0

On the one hand, the first Tesla Model 3 supposedly rolled off the assembly line this week, a major achievement for the company.Given the company’s huge valuation and its long-stated goal of building the Model 3 as the first “mainstream” electric vehicle for the masses (a goal since arguably surpassed by other manufacturers), you’d think investors would be thrilled.

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