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Samsung: Full speed ahead for 10nm, EUV deploys at the 7nm node

Posted on 09/16 19:07 in Shows | 0

For the past 12 months, Samsung’s foundry division has occupied a leadership position at the 14nm node.The image above shows why companies continue to claw for EUV lithography, despite its problems, power costs, and vastly increased cooling requirements.

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TSMC announces plans for $16 billion foundry to push the envelope on 5nm, 3nm process nodes

Posted on 12/12 14:23 in Shows | 0

7 billion foundry facility focused on the upcoming 5nm and 3nm process nodes.Even once a facility is running some volume, it can take 9-12 months to bring the entire fabrication plant fully online.

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New advances in directed self-assembly could push silicon below 10nm more efficiently than EUV

Posted on 03/28 13:39 in Shows | 0

It’s a complementary method of printing structures using chemical processes.To understand why LER is a major roadblock, imagine being asked to freehand draw two straight lines one foot apart, with no more than a two-inch deviation from a perfectly straight line.

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