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Mozilla will finally add multi-process support to Firefox 48

Posted on 06/09 15:49 in Shows | 0

Almost seven years ago, Mozilla announced that it would begin implementing a new multiprocess-capable version of its popular browser.As of this writing, Firefox’s multi-process implementation (dubbed Electrolysis, aka e10s), will roll out to a select group of beta users testing Firefox 48.

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Microsoft claims Edge delivers 70% more battery life than Chrome

Posted on 06/22 15:17 in Shows | 0

Now, Redmond is claiming that Edge can deliver up to 70% more battery life than Google Chrome.Each browser’s performance varies depending on the specifics of the workload, but according to Microsoft, Edge is always the consistent winner.

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Mozilla's new logo is 20 years out of date, does nothing to address why people don't use Firefox

Posted on 01/19 13:33 in Shows | 0

Yesterday, Mozilla, the nonprofit organization behind Firefox, announced its new “brand experience” and visual guidelines.I respect that Mozilla wanted a logo that was easy for people to mash up and use.

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Future Firefox versions may slim down, use less memory thanks to new 'Performance' option

Posted on 04/17 14:45 in Shows | 0

Now the organization apparently has a new plan to create a browser with more fine-grained controls to reduce how much load it places on a system.If you have an older dual-core system (particularly if it’s dual-core without HT), you might want to limit the number of processes Firefox can use simultaneously, especially if you don’t have much RAM.

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Firefox 54 Finally Supports Multithreading, May Beat Chrome on RAM Usage

Posted on 06/15 15:50 in Shows | 0

The new Firefox 54 is capable of using multiple threads simultaneously — a major step forward for the browser.With the release of Firefox 54, Mozilla has completed its transition to a multithreaded uarch.

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Chrome Beats Edge in New Battery Life Tests

Posted on 06/26 23:08 in Shows | 0

Linus Tech Tips recently took four identical machines from Dell and put them through a battery of independent browser tests to see how Microsoft Edge would hold up against Opera, Chrome, and Firefox.Even so, averaged across all the systems, Edge has worse battery life than Chrome or Opera.

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