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New fossil find backs up existence of ancient hobbit-humans

Posted on 06/09 17:19 in Shows | 0

The first Homo floresiensis fossils were discovered in a cave at a site called Liang Bua and dated to 50,000-100,000 years ago.The new fossils were found at a site called Mata Menge, but they aren’t more examples of H.

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The last woolly mammoths in North America didn’t starve — they died of thirst

Posted on 08/03 19:13 in Shows | 0

New research on the last-surviving mammoth population in North America has shown that this particular group probably didn’t die as the result of human hunting or a loss of food.One possible explanation for the Saint Paul mammoths’ eventual extinction would be the glacial melt that created the island in the first place.

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Researchers claim new evidence unmasks the culprit in the infamous ‘Piltdown Man’ hoax

Posted on 08/10 18:38 in Shows | 0

For those who don’t know, the Piltdown Man controversy essentially went like this.His discovery, named Piltdown Man, would be heralded as one of the most important finds in the entire study of human evolution.

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Baby dinosaur tail found preserved in amber, complete with feathers

Posted on 12/09 15:43 in Shows | 0

We started with “dinosaurs were like big scaly lizards,” progressed to “dinosaurs probably had feathers,” and now we’re arrived at “here are some actual dinosaur feathers.” A piece of amber discovered at a market in Myanmar has been confirmed to contain a baby dinosaur tail, which is covered with dense feathers.

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2016's most talked-about research papers

Posted on 01/04 20:35 in Shows | 0

It was a classic salvo in this food fad war we have, where every year an industry-sponsored research group brings one food into vogue or demonizes another.The lobbyists wanted the Harvard researchers to suppress data demonstrating that sugar is positively associated with coronary artery disease.

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Newly discovered rock formations could be fossils from earliest living organisms

Posted on 03/02 19:39 in Shows | 0

5 billion years ago, and a new discovery in Canada indicates life developed not long after.Scientists studying ancient rock formations in Quebec have identified microscopic structures in the rock that they believe are the fossilized remains of microorganisms that lived on Earth between 3.

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Study: Humans Arrived in North America 100,000 Years Earlier Than Thought

Posted on 04/27 22:10 in Shows | 0

Conventional wisdom holds that the first humans arrived in North America at most 25,000 years ago.A team of researchers suggests that humans of some sort existed in North America some 130,000 years ago.

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7.2 Million-Year-Old Jawbone Indicates Oldest Hominin Lived in Europe, Not Africa

Posted on 05/26 16:03 in Shows | 0

In addition, the earliest members of the Hominina and Panina clades may have diverged, hybridized, and then diverged again in multiple progressive cycles over several million years.Estimates of when this divergence took place have varied widely, from as recently as four million years ago, to as far back as 13 million years.

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