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PS4 Neo developer docs leak online -

Posted on 08/05 12:25 in More | 0

The supposed developer docs were uploaded to PDF-sharing website Scribd last night, and are believed to be the same documents leaked to various members of the press earlier this year.Those testkits are to be returned to Sony at the "start of 2017", the docs add, prior to which "mass-produced units will be available".

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Meural: Tapping The World's Art Galleries From Your Wall

Posted on 01/17 15:38 in Deals | 0

There are many galleries to choose from, and you can also display your own digital images.You can also control the screen’s brightness level.

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PS4 Pro Boost Mode gives you another reason to go Pro without 4K

Posted on 02/06 10:26 in More | 0

50 is currently in beta, bringing with it a host of cool features such as external hard drive support, but there's one secret feature which makes PS4 Pro an even more attractive proposition for gamers thinking of making the upgrade.Boost Mode has been added for PS4 Pro users, which states users can "experience improved gameplay, including higher frame rates, for some games that were released before the introduction of PS4 Pro".

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Dark Souls 3 to get framerate improvements on PS4 Pro with this week's 1.11 patch

Posted on 03/21 13:20 in More | 0

he planned Dark Souls 3 1.11 patch set to launch on March 24 will include an increased frame rate for PS4 Pro players.

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'Zelda: Breath Of The Wild' Patch Makes Big Improvements To The Frame Rate

Posted on 04/06 18:00 in Deals | 0

In a new patch for Zelda: Breath of the Wild, there have been noticeable improvements to the game’s frame rate.One of the issues with the Switch version is that it suffered from quite large frame rate drops in places, especially when the console was docked.

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Overcooked on Switch has issues, but these are being fixed

Posted on 08/02 14:45 in More | 0

The Switch version was released last week, but it wasn’t the smoothest of launches, with many players complaining about a poor frame rate and troublesome HD rumble issues.The Unity developed title has been criticised for its poor Switch performance by a couple of media outlets, with Digital Foundry citing 'serious performance problems' and an 'inconsistent frame-rate'.

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