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Celebrate Free Comic Book Day with FanCon and others this year

Posted on 05/02 06:32 in More | 0

Forget about Christmas, because Ol’ Saint Nick has nothing on one of the best events of the year: Free Comic Book Day.This weekend, it starts all over again as fans of the comic book medium and the rest of that popular culture gather at their local comic book shops to celebrate.

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Worlds collide in Super Mario Mash-Up Pack for Minecraft: Wii U Edition

Posted on 05/09 19:25 in More | 0

The Super Mario Mash-Up Pack features many new features for Minecraft including  40 Super Mario themed skins, world and item textures from Nintendo's world famous franchise, new blocks, and 15 music tracks from the Nintendo 64 classic Super Mario 64.Content for this Super Mario themed pack draws heavily from the 3D Super Mario games, with the key games in question being Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine.

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Get a free FIFA Ultimate Team Draft Token today - FIFA 16 for PS4 News

Posted on 05/12 12:16 in More | 0

FIFA 16 players can get hold of a free FIFA Ultimate Team Draft Token by simply logging into the game no later than 6pm BST today.The free token will be waiting for you provided your account was created prior to April 18, 2016 and at least five matches in FUT have been completed.

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Battlefield Hardline Premium is free on EA Access - Battlefield Hardline for Xbox One News

Posted on 05/12 12:21 in More | 0

Premium offers access to four Battlefield Hardline expansion packs - Betrayal, Getaway, Robbery and Criminal Activity - each introducing new maps, modes, weapons and vehicles.Robbery is currently also available free of charge to all Xbox Live Gold subscribers.

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Play Rocket League free on Steam this weekend - Rocket League for PC News

Posted on 05/12 12:30 in More | 0

The multiplayer vehicular sports title is free to play until 9pm BST on Sunday.If you're keen to carry on playing – and enjoy the free Hoops mode – then you can pick up the full game for only £8.

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Blizzard will give anyone who sees the World of Warcraft movie a free month in WoW

Posted on 05/17 22:16 in Shows | 0

Video games, in contrast, have tended to get the short end of the stick — the list of great video game movie adaptations isn’t a long read.The bigger prize is the free copy of World of Warcraft that Blizzard is handing out to anyone who buys tickets for the movie.

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Turn on your phone during The Angry Birds Movie credits for a surprise!

Posted on 05/19 18:02 in More | 0

Rovio is asking audiences of The Angry Birds Movie to turn on their phones during the credits to get a new game level Rovio Entertainment, the creators of Angry Birds, is asking viewers to turn on their phones during screenings of The Angry Birds Movie.Players will receive a special in-game level for the Angry Birds Action!

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Pokémon 20th Anniversary Manaphy will be Available Starting Next Week

Posted on 05/26 16:34 in More | 0

The Pokémon Company is celebrating their 20th Anniversary throughout the whole year with many giveaways and special edition card packs.As part of this celebration, they have been giving away Legendary Pokémon from every generation since February -- and this coming month is no exception.

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Sign Up Now! PlayStation Wants You To Join Them For E3 (Free Stuff!)

Posted on 05/31 16:04 in More | 0

Sign-ups for the event can be found here, starting Tuesday, May 31st at 1:00 pm EST.The locations can also be found on their blog.

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June's PS Plus games include NBA 2K16 & Gone Home on PS4, God of War on PS Vita - NBA 2K16 for PS4 News

Posted on 06/06 07:29 in More | 0

Sony has revealed the line-up of free games coming to PlayStation Plus next month.Available from next Tuesday, June 7, PS Plus subscribers will be able to download basketball sim NBA 2K16 for free along with exploration/walking sim Gone Home - not to be confused with Ubisoft adventure Grow Home.

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Presidential Blitz turns 2016 election into retro game

Posted on 06/07 19:04 in More | 0

If the 2016 US election has you filled you with uncertainty about the state of the free world, try taking a fresh perspective with an election-inspired indie game.Preisdential Blitz, a free game, tries to make the the election season a bit more bearable by transforming it into a nostalgic desktop game with characters Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

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Titanfall 2's DLC maps & modes will be free - Titanfall 2 for PS4 News

Posted on 06/23 13:13 in More | 0

All maps and modes released for Titanfall 2 following its launch this October will be made available for free, Respawn has confirmed."We'll be talking more about post-launch plans closer to release so stay tuned for more info.

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Tropico publisher celebrates 10th anniversary with free games - Tropico 5 for PS4 News

Posted on 06/23 13:14 in More | 0

Tropico publisher Kalypso Media is celebrating its 10-year anniversary by giving away free games to everybody who signs up to its newsletter.The first free game is 2008 city-building game Imperium Romanum Gold, with more games set to be given away "periodically in the months to come".

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Xbox Live multiplayer is free all weekend - Rocket League for Xbox One News

Posted on 06/23 13:16 in More | 0

Xbox Live multiplayer will be free to all Xbox users this weekend, Microsoft has announced.Multiplayer is usually reserved only for paying Gold members.

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Get Trials of the Blood Dragon for free just by playing the demo (really, really well)

Posted on 07/08 21:40 in More | 0

Anyhow, I now have the opportunity to experience the latest entry in the VROOM VROOM BIKE saga – Trials of the Blood Dragon – without even spending a single cent.Now’s your chance to prove it and earn Trials of the Blood Dragon for free.

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You can play Rainbow Six Siege on PC and Xbox One for free this weekend

Posted on 07/31 03:04 in More | 0

It’d be a shame if Ubisoft made their tactical shooter, Rainbow Six Siege, free for a weekend for everyone else BUT you.If you’re an Xbox One or PC owner however, read on… This weekend, PC and Xbox One players can play Rainbow Six Siege for free.

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Rainbow Six Siege free on PC & Xbox One this weekend; Double Renown event too - Rainbow Six Siege for PS4 News

Posted on 08/05 12:28 in More | 0

Tactical online shooter Rainbow Six Siege will be free to play on PC and Xbox One this weekend, Ubisoft has announced.And if you like it, you'll be able to grab it at 50% off until Sunday.

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The best free games on the Xbox One

Posted on 08/08 16:32 in Shows | 0

Considering how much money is being generated by mobile games like Clash Royale and Pokémon Go, it’s no surprise that free-to-play games have begun to proliferate on consoles.The PC has F2P games like Dota 2 and League of Legends, and they’re some of the most popular games in existence.

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