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Interview: Wilbert Roget II On Composing Call Of Duty: World War 2's Original Score

Posted on 10/17 23:31 in Deals | 0

Video game composer Wilbert Roget II's big break came just a few years after graduating from Yale University, where he graduated with a BA in music theory and composition.You can listen to a track from that game below: As for his own crack at a Call of Duty title, Roget says he's impressed with the humanity in the game.

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'South Park: The Fractured But Whole' Is A Fantastic RPG That You Should Go Play

Posted on 10/18 00:01 in Deals | 0

Gradually you charge ultimate powers that do massive damage against one or multiple foes depending on the character you're controlling.Even back then, playing the game felt like participating in a season of South Park the TV show.

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Watch The 'Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus' Launch Trailer Right Here

Posted on 10/18 00:21 in Deals | 0

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus is a game about the Nazis taking over America, so its marketing has been largely focused on punching Nazis.In the game's launch trailer, however, the punching isn't limited to just Nazis.

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'NBA 2K18': 10 Reasons MyGM And MyLeague Are The Best Modes In The Game

Posted on 10/18 01:02 in Deals | 0

No other sports video game allows you to have two different franchise mode experiences.No other sports video game gives you as much control over draft classes.

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EA Is Shutting Down Visceral Games, Future Of 'Star Wars' Game Uncertain

Posted on 10/18 07:06 in Deals | 0

We will maintain the stunning visuals, authenticity in the Star Wars universe, and focus on bringing a Star Wars story to life.I imagine a Star Wars version of Uncharted would actually sell incredibly well, potentially earning critical acclaim and laying the groundwork for sequels and a whole new sub-franchise within the Star Wars universe.

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It's Time For Bethesda To Stop This Review Copy Foolishness

Posted on 10/18 13:02 in Deals | 0

It's one of those cool, old-school feeling sci-fi games that reminds me of playing Half-Life for the first time.It should have sold more copies than this, and it might have if Bethesda gave game reviewers copies more than six hours ahead of launch.

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Ten Things I Wish I Knew When I Started 'Paperclips'

Posted on 10/18 15:27 in Deals | 0

I guess it allowed me to see if I could do it faster with the lessons I learned from the first run, and sure enough, that’s exactly what happened.Well now it’s time to share my Paperclips game tips with you.

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Niantic Wants 'Pokémon GO' To Live For 20 Years

Posted on 10/18 17:32 in Deals | 0

In a market that is not even 20 years old yet, Niantic CEO John Hanke recently said that “Pokémon GO has the potential to be a 20-year franchise,” his comments made at a live Wall Street Journal event this week.Again, the mobile games market, excluding games like Tetris on your old Nokia, is not 20 years old at this point, and even Pokémon as a franchise is barely over 20 years old itself, debuting in 1996 on Game Boy.

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Check Out Major League Baseball's Super Genius Plan To Fix Flagging Game Attendance

Posted on 10/18 17:32 in Deals | 0

The question I would ask is why anyone, other than MLB commissioner Rob Manfred, clamoring for more baseball teams?A quick look at attendance numbers from last season doesn’t paint a picture of a product that’s in so much demand that it needs to be expanded.

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Yes, AAA Single-Player Games Are Dying. That's Fine.

Posted on 10/18 18:16 in Deals | 0

Hard news from the video game world today for fans of Dead Space, Star Wars and single-player games.The single-player games of the sort we all know and love, with their characters, narratives and limited run-times, are on their way out.

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You Can Download 'Destiny 2' On PC Starting Today

Posted on 10/18 18:39 in Deals | 0

Destiny 2 launches on PC on October 24, with pre-load starting today, October 18, through Blizzard's Battle.We've emailed Bungie for clarification and will update as soon as preload goes live for everyone.

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10 Tips For Being The Last One Standing And Winning 'Fortnite: Battle Royale'

Posted on 10/18 22:43 in Deals | 0

It is a game in which, more than likely, you're not going to win.And if you want to win, you're best off picking a relatively unpopulated area.

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'Gran Turismo Sport' Review: The Good, The Bad, The Bottom Line

Posted on 10/19 05:43 in Deals | 0

The much-anticipated Gran Turismo Sport pulled up to the starting line on October 17.It's been four years since Polyphony Digital and Sony have released a Gran Turismo title.

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New Pokémon Are Coming To 'Pokémon GO' For Halloween, Starting Tomorrow

Posted on 10/19 15:33 in Deals | 0

It's also one of the most thematically appropriate, considering the fact that the whole holiday revolves around walking around and collecting candy.The candy bonuses are likely to come in handy for anyone looking to evolve one of their new Pokémon as quickly as possible, as there isn't any indication that these new Pokémon will be sticking around after the event.

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Sony Music Entertainment Starts Up Indie Game Publishing Label And Will Release Games On The Switch

Posted on 10/19 18:02 in Deals | 0

In an interesting move from Sony Music Entertainment, it has started up a new indie game publishing label called Unties and will also release games on the Nintendo Switch.For anyone that follows Sony Music Entertainment, you know that it is involved in a variety of endeavors outside of music.

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The Orcs Won't Stop Coming When The Endgame In 'Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War' Is Upgraded To Endless

Posted on 10/19 19:55 in Deals | 0

Fans spoke out and Middle-Earth:Shadow of War developer Monolith Productions listened.The Shadow Wars endgame for Shadow of War is getting an endless upgrade so that Orc hordes will continue to attack your fortresses after the game has reached its final ending.

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'Super Mario Odyssey' Amiibo Offer Bride And Groom Outfits For Mario

Posted on 10/20 15:53 in Deals | 0

If you've not got a Switch already there is the new Super Mario Odyssey Switch pack ($379.Other than that this is a similar package to the original Switch but of course here you also get a code to download the Super Mario Odyssey game as well.

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Pokémon GO's Halloween Event Is Live, With New Gen 3 Pokémon

Posted on 10/20 21:39 in Deals | 0

If you see a fresh wave of trainers out on the streets hunting for Pokémon, it's because Halloween comes slightly early for Pokémon GO.The game's second annual Halloween event just went live, offering some of the most interesting rewards we've seen for a limited time event yet.

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'ELEX' First Impressions: Well This Is Awkward

Posted on 10/20 21:39 in Deals | 0

My first impressions of the game are so negative, I'm not sure I can keep going.Almost everything about this game's opening turns me off, and I'm not sure I have the time or inclination to suffer through any more of it.

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Gen 3 Showcases A Problem With 'Pokémon GO' Moving Forward

Posted on 10/22 18:06 in Deals | 0

I can’t help but notice the reaction to Gen 3’s arrival with a few ghost types in Pokémon GO’s Halloween event has been a bit muted.The problem is that Pokémon GO stared with an iconic base of 150 (well, 143ish) Pokémon that were known worldwide from the Red and Blue days.

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