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Game Glitches: Bet You Can't Not Laugh

Posted on 12/04 20:53 in More | 0

DON'T LAUGH.Ahhh, game glitches.

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Homefront: The Revolution Getting Performance and Stability Patches

Posted on 05/29 19:09 in More | 0

Upon its release on May 17, Homefront: The Revolution had a number of issues that needed addressing by Deep Silver's Dambuster Studios.Many of these problems have indeed been noticed by the developers, and they're now working to resolve them through some performance and stability patches, according to a post on Homefront: The Revolution's official forums by community manager Craig Turner.

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Mope Glitches, How To Get Unlimited Food and Godmode

Posted on 02/16 21:33 in More | 0

After all, it is based on the ecosystem and food chain.And just like the food chain, if there is an abundance of a particular food, then the whole system can start to fall apart.

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The Most Outrageous Ghost Recon Wildlands Glitches and Bugs

Posted on 03/16 13:28 in More | 0

While a little more on the serious side than something like Just Cause, there are some serious lulz to be had while blowing up the Bolivian countryside in Ghost Recon: Wildlands.If you don't want to miss the most outrageous glitches before they get patched out, check out our full roundup below.

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Posted on 04/23 01:18 in More | 0

If you play PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS regularly, then you may want to consider installing the new test server that has been dispatched to Steam only a couple of days ago.First, you must have PUBG in you Steam Library, and the test server should appear right below the original game in the list automatically.

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