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Here's Everything You Need To Know About The 'Pokémon GO' Anniversary Event

Posted on 07/06 23:27 in Deals | 0

To celebrate the game's first birthday, Niantic has announced the game's first Anniversary Event.Let's take a look at everything announced so far for the Pokémon GO Anniversary Event, starting with: Let's get the bad news out of the way right off the bat.

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Niantic Reveals A Pokémon GO Fest 'Mystery Challenge,' Which Has To Be A Legendary Unlock

Posted on 07/12 21:38 in Deals | 0

If the reward of the Mystery Challenge is not the unlocking of at least one legendary Pokémon for GO, I genuinely don’t know what Niantic is thinking, but that’s definitely where I think all this is heading.But rather the important bit is the Mystery Challenge, and I genuinely cannot believe it would be anything other than at least one Legendary unlock.

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Legendary Pokémon will soon make their way into Pokémon GO

Posted on 07/20 18:42 in More | 0

The Pokémon Company and Niantic have announced that in celebration of Pokémon GO’s first anniversary, Legendary Pokémon will descend into the real world this weekend at the Pokemon GO fest.A new video also showed off some of the new Pokémon that will be introduced into the game.

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Here's Everything You Need To Know About Pokémon GO Fest In Chicago And Around The Globe

Posted on 07/22 12:00 in Deals | 0

In many ways, this is Pokémon GO's true one year anniversary event.Here's everything you need to know about Pokémon GO Fest, whether you're attending or taking part in the fun from your hometown.

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Watch The Pokémon GO Fest Live-Stream Right Here

Posted on 07/22 18:29 in Deals | 0

Pokémon GO Fest is live and it's taking place all weekend long in Grant Park and around the world.The festivities in Chicago will be live-streamed by Niantic, and you can watch them right here.

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Pokémon GO Fest Plagued By Mile-Long Lines And Connectivity Issues In Chicago

Posted on 07/22 20:30 in Deals | 0

It seemed unlikely that Niantic’s first major Pokémon GO event would go off without a hitch, and so far, it appears to be drowning in them.Seemingly endless lines and connectivity issues are currently plaguing the event and the game.

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Lugia Confirmed As First Legendary Pokémon in 'Pokémon GO,' After Some Difficulties

Posted on 07/23 00:36 in Deals | 0

But Lugia has officially been confirmed as the first Legendary Pokémon available in Pokémon GO, followed quickly by Articuno.If the trainers at Pokémon GO Fest were able to make it through that battle, it would unlock the Pokémon for all the rest of the players.

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'Pokémon GO' Decides To Just Go Ahead And Release Lugia And Articuno, It's Great

Posted on 07/23 04:53 in Deals | 0

Ditching a carefully choreographed reveal, the developer decided to just go ahead and release two Legendary Birds: Lugia and Articuno, to be specific.In Chicago, Pokémon GO Fest became something closer to what people had been hoping to get out of the day-long event.

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The Newly Live 'Pokémon GO' Lugia And Articuno Raids Are Much Different Than Expected

Posted on 07/23 15:28 in Deals | 0

Clearly the release plan was changed because of the Pokémon GO Fest meltdown.Presumably the idea was to have GO Fest players battle one or a number of Legendaries at the park to unlock them.

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Pokémon Go Fest was so bad that everyone who went is getting refunded

Posted on 07/24 08:58 in More | 0

This Saturday, Pokémon Go Fest in Chicago was to launch the appearance of Legendary Pokémon in the still incredibly popular mobile game.The Fest was going to be the first appearance of the new Legendaries anywhere in the world, so thousands of people flocked to Grand Park in Chicago.

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Pokémon GO Fest Was Actually Really Fun After It Was Done Being A Disaster

Posted on 07/24 22:22 in Deals | 0

The trials of Pokémon GO Fest have been well documented.But it was after Niantic gave up on the idea of having the Pokémon GO Fest they had planned that it wound up stumbling into an actually fun event.

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Pokemon GO Fest global rewards extended by three days

Posted on 07/25 10:27 in More | 0

After the epic clusterfuck that was the Pokemon GO fest, where everything went completely crazy and nobody could access the servers, Niantic has confirmed that the Pokemon Go Fest rewards from the Chicago event have been extended.This extends the deadline for claiming the six bonuses to July 28, for us folks in good ol’ Blighty.

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Pokémon Go Fest fiasco results in attendees forming a class-action against Niantic

Posted on 07/28 15:09 in More | 0

Following on from the Pokémon Go Fest, where possibly everything that could go wrong did in fact go wrong, a few dozen event attendees have formed a collective to file a class-action lawsuit against the developers, Niantic.All visitors then also received $100 of in-game credit, as well as giving them all the promised legendary Pokémon.

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Pokémon GO Fest Attendees Suing Niantic

Posted on 07/28 18:46 in Deals | 0

The aftermath of the technical disaster at Pokémon GO Fest continues to create trouble for developer and event host Niantic Labs.Now, "20-30" attendees have joined a class action lawsuit against Niantic Labs for the way the event was handled, according to a report in Polygon.

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Niantic postpones European Pokémon Go events in following the Pokémon Go Fest fiasco

Posted on 07/31 17:11 in More | 0

The Stockholm and Amsterdam events which were planned for August 12 will also be postponed for now.The Japanese Pokémon event in August will, however, be going ahead, as will the September events in Germany and France.

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How Niantic Hosted 2 Million Players In Yokohama By Learning From Pokémon GO Fest's Mistakes

Posted on 08/17 00:33 in Deals | 0

It was a far cry from GO Fest, and should hint at future live events where the game suffers from fewer technical difficulties.I recently spoke with Niantic who laid out exactly what they did to make Yokohama run much more smoothly than GO Fest.

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SNES Classic Edition Pre-Orders Are About To Go Live At 6 Major Retailers

Posted on 08/22 16:26 in Deals | 0

Overnight, Nintendo update the official SNES Classic Edition console's webpage with links to six major retailers.Best Buy's pre-orders went live briefly last night, and it's unclear if they've already sold out entirely or if the retailer will open pre-orders up again today.

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Those delayed European Pokémon Go events are now back on track

Posted on 09/06 14:19 in More | 0

Following its frankly catastrophic Pokémon Go Fest in Chicago, Niantic cancelled its planned European events.These have now been pencilled in for this month, beginning in Germany, France and Spain on September 16.

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The Pokémon boss says that Pokémon Go has only reached 10% of its potential

Posted on 09/11 13:11 in More | 0

The additional features have been announced previously, but are yet to be implemented into the game.The Pokémon Company CEO, Tsunekazu Ishihara, spoke about Pokémon Go and its progress in an interview with Bloomberg, saying that, ‘We’ve only accomplished 10 percent of what Pokémon and Niantic are trying to do.

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