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How To Tell If Nintendo Switch Is In Stock, And Where

Posted on 03/14 20:43 in Deals | 0

If you want to buy a Nintendo Switch, chances are you're going to have a hard time doing so.With Nintendo products especially, it can be a pretty long time before supply stabilizes.

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'Mass Effect: Andromeda' Is Going To Have A Very Hard Time Following 'Breath Of The Wild'

Posted on 03/16 15:37 in Deals | 0

Bioware knew this was going to happen, but I doubt it knew it was going to happen quite this way.But Andromeda is inevitably launching in Zelda's shadow.

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I am overburdened, evolution of box-art -

Posted on 03/22 15:05 in More | 0

This first one is about the box-art of the game.tload of image sizes for promotional art (especially true if you plan to sell the game on multiple storefronts).

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Nintendo is going to have a big E3 this year, says Fils-Aime

Posted on 03/27 12:26 in More | 0

"E3 is always a big time for Nintendo," said he said Fils-Aime.And we're gonna have a big E3 this year.

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How The Stars Must Align For Xbox Scorpio To Be A Hit For Microsoft

Posted on 04/05 17:15 in Deals | 0

Tomorrow, Microsoft is set to unveil at least some aspect of Xbox Scorpio in a rather unorthodox way, by handing the hardware over to Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry for analysis.I am not in full doom and gloom mode about the Xbox Scorpio, but I do think it has significant challenges ahead of it, given both the state of the market and the state of the Xbox brand specifically.

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Microsoft Announces Xbox Scorpio Unveiling

Posted on 04/13 17:49 in Deals | 0

The Xbox Scorpio is coming, and the slow drip of information continues.We are proud of the diverse lineup of games coming this year that will only be playable on Xbox One and will play better on Project Scorpio.

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Upgrade Update: Reputation Feedback -

Posted on 04/20 03:38 in More | 0

The site upgrade - by nature of the upgrade - is going to introduce changes to our reputation system.The current reputation system is custom-made and is not portable to the upgrade.

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LD38 - World In Progress -

Posted on 04/30 16:12 in More | 0

This is going to be a super short post (and a bit late coming, too), because I simply don't have a lot of time, but I completed my first Ludum Dare entry last weekend.Here's a link to THE GAME'S LUDUM DARE PAGE, where you can read further about the game, and find links to play it.

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Critical Role's 100th Episode Tonight Is A Milestone For D&D

Posted on 06/09 00:58 in Deals | 0

The cast of Critical Role is reaching their epic 100th episode tonight on Geek & Sundry's Twitch Channel at 7pm Pacific time.We've been playing nearly weekly, and it's like, that's a lot of time.

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I Do Not Understand How The Math Adds Up For Pokémon GO's Gym Raids

Posted on 06/22 16:26 in Deals | 0

Right now, millions of Pokémon GO players are sitting around waiting for new gyms and raids to go live in the game.You can only get one per day, and you can only hold one at a time.

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All The Raid Bosses You Can Find In 'Pokémon GO' And How To Beat Them

Posted on 06/26 02:48 in Deals | 0

There are a lot of different bosses you might encounter in a raid, however, which is what we'll look at today.The good people at the Silph Road have taken the trouble of collating all the known raid bosses people have encountered, and two days in we're bound to have a fairly complete list.

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Nintendo Will Support The 3DS Into 2018 And Beyond

Posted on 06/26 18:01 in Deals | 0

In a recent interview, Reggie Fils-Aimé talks about how Nintendo plans to support the 3DS into 2018 and beyond regardless of the Switch.However, I am relieved to see Nintendo follow through on its support of the 3DS despite the recent release of the Switch.

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Who Will Die In Tonight's 'Fear the Walking Dead' Mid-Season Finale?

Posted on 07/09 23:31 in Deals | 0

The best part about Fear the Walking Dead when it comes time for its big finales?But with Fear the Walking Dead, we genuinely have no clue.

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This Looks Like The First Chance To Get Locked Region Exclusive Pokémon In 'Pokémon GO'

Posted on 07/12 23:18 in Deals | 0

The biggest of these is Pokémon GO Fest, a big party in Chicago where trainers will participate in special challenges that will unlock global rewards.Just as interesting, however, are a series of European events at Unibail-Rodamco shopping centers that seem to promise some previously unattainable rewards.

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Here's How To Counter Pokémon GO's Legendary Raid Pokémon

Posted on 07/21 16:35 in Deals | 0

While Tyranitar raids are currently the hardest activity in the game, expect Legendaries to be even tougher, despite having similar CP levels.They will definitely require a good-sized group to take on, and you’re going to want to give it your best shot by using the correct type of Pokémon to counter each legendary.

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Here's How Powerful Your PC Needs To Be To Play The Next 'Destiny 2' Beta

Posted on 07/28 16:45 in Deals | 0

The Destiny 2 console beta has come and gone, but there’s still one more test still ahead.That would be the PC beta for Destiny 2, as the series arrives on that platform for the first time this fall.

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PS4's 'Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy' Has Crushed My Wife's Spirit

Posted on 08/03 16:03 in Deals | 0

But that all changed with the Crash Bandicoot N.While the Crash Bandicoot N.

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Deadlight: Director’s Cut is free to download for PC on GOG

Posted on 08/14 16:23 in More | 0

Tequila Works’ survival horror game, Deadlight: Director’s Cut, is currently going for the very agreeable price of free on GOG.It’s not going to be free forever though, it’s counting down from 48-hours and at the time of writing was at 46-hours remaining.

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With Every New Game Release, I Keep Wishing It Was On Nintendo Switch

Posted on 09/13 17:10 in Deals | 0

I’ll admit, I haven’t been playing my Nintendo Switch all that much lately.When I’m playing other games on PC or PS4 or Xbox One, I can’t help but think that I wish I could somehow tie to them my Switch.

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