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EnvelopVR goes out of business! -

Posted on 01/14 20:51 in More | 0

That's especially dangerous for the VR industry right now because the VR market is so small.Investment money is just a scaffolding for your business to prop it up while you build the core business model.

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Here Are All The Pink Pokémon You May Catch In Pokémon GO's Valentine's Event

Posted on 02/08 20:17 in Deals | 0

Just a few hours ago, Niantic announced its Pokémon GO Valentine’s Day event which has just gone live as of 11 AM PST.The focus of this event is on “pink” Pokémon, to match the general aesthetic of the holiday.

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Destiny 2 on track for autumn 2017 release

Posted on 02/10 11:03 in More | 0

Development of a full Destiny sequel is going great, with the game on course to launch this autumn, Activision said during an overnight earnings call.I'm going to let the game do most of the talking, but I'll give you some broad strokes.

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I am overburdened, monsters and mods. -

Posted on 02/12 21:44 in More | 0

This video is the most condensed so far, focusing exclusively on last week's development and showcasing gameplay features.So it is short (3 minutes), maximally to the point and heavily "scripted" : During this week, I pretty much completed all the logic related to the monsters of the game.

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Here's How To Best Prepare For Pokemon GO's Gen 2 Update

Posted on 02/16 15:49 in Deals | 0

Here are some ways to get prepared for Gen 2’s arrival, both resource and strategy-wise.There are a number of current Pokémon that will have new relevance with the Gen 2 update because they will have new evolutions that will probably require a lot of candy.

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DevLog #5 - Stay tuned! More content on the way! -

Posted on 03/03 06:09 in More | 0

We are going to be working hard this weekend to bring in some more gameplay content and get more of the story / lore in place.We are going to have big multiplayer maps where you claim plots of land on a server and start farming it!

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I am overburdened, nobody make a sound! -

Posted on 03/03 15:13 in More | 0

My two completed games used pixel graphics and as a natural fit they were armed with 8-bit style sound effects.I'm even less qualified as a sound engineer than as an artist so take my words with a grain of salt!

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4 Things The Nintendo Switch Absolutely Needs Before It's Ready To Sell

Posted on 03/09 19:00 in Deals | 0

The Nintendo Switch is launched.It's not great but it's not terrible, and that's where we are right now regardless.

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How To Tell If Nintendo Switch Is In Stock, And Where

Posted on 03/14 20:43 in Deals | 0

If you want to buy a Nintendo Switch, chances are you're going to have a hard time doing so.With Nintendo products especially, it can be a pretty long time before supply stabilizes.

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'Mass Effect: Andromeda' Is Going To Have A Very Hard Time Following 'Breath Of The Wild'

Posted on 03/16 15:37 in Deals | 0

Bioware knew this was going to happen, but I doubt it knew it was going to happen quite this way.But Andromeda is inevitably launching in Zelda's shadow.

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I am overburdened, evolution of box-art -

Posted on 03/22 15:05 in More | 0

This first one is about the box-art of the game.tload of image sizes for promotional art (especially true if you plan to sell the game on multiple storefronts).

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Nintendo is going to have a big E3 this year, says Fils-Aime

Posted on 03/27 12:26 in More | 0

"E3 is always a big time for Nintendo," said he said Fils-Aime.And we're gonna have a big E3 this year.

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How The Stars Must Align For Xbox Scorpio To Be A Hit For Microsoft

Posted on 04/05 17:15 in Deals | 0

Tomorrow, Microsoft is set to unveil at least some aspect of Xbox Scorpio in a rather unorthodox way, by handing the hardware over to Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry for analysis.I am not in full doom and gloom mode about the Xbox Scorpio, but I do think it has significant challenges ahead of it, given both the state of the market and the state of the Xbox brand specifically.

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Microsoft Announces Xbox Scorpio Unveiling

Posted on 04/13 17:49 in Deals | 0

The Xbox Scorpio is coming, and the slow drip of information continues.We are proud of the diverse lineup of games coming this year that will only be playable on Xbox One and will play better on Project Scorpio.

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Upgrade Update: Reputation Feedback -

Posted on 04/20 03:38 in More | 0

The site upgrade - by nature of the upgrade - is going to introduce changes to our reputation system.The current reputation system is custom-made and is not portable to the upgrade.

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LD38 - World In Progress -

Posted on 04/30 16:12 in More | 0

This is going to be a super short post (and a bit late coming, too), because I simply don't have a lot of time, but I completed my first Ludum Dare entry last weekend.Here's a link to THE GAME'S LUDUM DARE PAGE, where you can read further about the game, and find links to play it.

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