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ex-Rockstar boss issues $150m lawsuit against parent company Take-Two Interactive

Posted on 02/25 12:47 in More | 0

Former boss of Rockstar North is suing Take-Two Interactive for $150m over alleged "deceptions" and unpaid royalties.After eventually being let in by security, he was then asked to leave the premises by the Rockstar North office manager.

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Let's Talk - Awesome Game Music

Posted on 03/12 19:23 in More | 0

It can even make you feel awesome.So Let's Talk about it.

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GTA Online microtransactions have earned Rockstar half a billion Dollars

Posted on 03/29 21:26 in More | 0

I could never get in to GTA online.There are apparently still many people playing the free-to-play add-on to GTA V, and it seems they’re spending an awful lot of money on its microtransactions.

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Bully and Manhunt are now on PS4 - Canis Canem Edit for PS2 News

Posted on 12/06 02:15 in More | 0

Rockstar classics Bully and Manhunt are now available to download on PS4.The two games are the latest to join the PS2 Classics range, and feature higher resolution 1080p visuals, Trophy support and Remote Play.

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PS4 Easter Sale includes discounts on GTA 5, FIFA 16, RB6 Siege, Bloodborne, Uncharted and more -

Posted on 12/29 04:40 in More | 0

An Easter Sale is now underway on the EU PlayStation Store, offering a huge selection of games at discounted prices.Included in the sale are GTA 5, the GTA PS2 Trilogy, FIFA 16, Unravel, Rainbow Six Siege, Bloodborne, Uncharted Collection and much more.

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GTA PS2 Trilogy patched in Europe to support 60Hz/30fps - Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for PS4 News

Posted on 05/12 12:13 in More | 0

Sony has begun patching the European PS2 Classics versions of the GTA Trilogy to support a 60Hz refresh rate.The games were previously locked at 50Hz resulting in stuttering frame rates.

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Grand Gangsters 3D weapons guide

Posted on 05/18 03:05 in More | 0

Your weapons aren't static in Grand Gangsters 3D though – the more you use them, the more potent they become, and if you get tired of waiting, you can also drop some cash to upgrade them more quickly.Below you can find a full break down of all the weapons currently available in the game, along with the costs to upgrade them.

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PSN May Madness Sale discounts GTA, Bully, Manhunt, The Witcher 3 and more -

Posted on 06/06 07:35 in More | 0

The PSN May Madness Sale has kicked off, presenting PlayStation gamers with a range of limited time discounts on PS4, PS3 and Vita.The Witcher 3, The Elder Scrolls Online, Mortal Kombat XL, GTA 5, Driveclub and many more are on sale.

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