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New Nintendo handheld "MH" in development

Posted on 05/24 17:46 in More | 0

While we have yet to hear anything new about the NX, we now have a codename for the next generation handheld, the "MH" Nintendo has held their cards pretty close to their chest lately when it comes to the next generation of consoles.While we have had hints of what the Nintendo NX might be, we have yet to get any solid ideas on what the console will actually do -- let alone look like.

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Will the NX bring new life to Nintendo's console sales?

Posted on 05/28 18:53 in More | 0

Now Nintendo faces the same situation SEGA faced almost two decades ago with the Dreamcast as they get set to unveil the Nintendo NX later this year.The fact is: with the exception of the Wii, Nintendo has been selling less home consoles than competitors since the Super Nintendo.

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Nvidia, not AMD, will power the Nintendo NX

Posted on 07/26 21:43 in Shows | 0

For over a year, conventional wisdom has predicted that AMD would win the Nintendo NX contract and cement its hold on the console industry.That’s small compared with modern games on the PS4 and Xbox One and it’s not clear if Nintendo intends to use some form of compression technology or if Nintendo NX games will simply target smaller capacities.

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Five Red Flags Nintendo Needs To Address About The Switch

Posted on 01/11 16:04 in Deals | 0

Throughout the reveal so far, there have been a few worrisome aspects of the Switch that I’d like to see Nintendo address starting tomorrow.Pretty much everyone agrees that the core functionality of the Switch, the ability to take console games on the go, is very cool.

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If The Nintendo Switch Is A Smash Hit, How Does That Change The Industry?

Posted on 02/08 16:50 in Deals | 0

There’s a lot of speculation about possible scenarios for Nintendo based on what happens with the upcoming release of the Switch.Given how much the Wii shaped the industry after it became a worldwide phenomenon (at least temporarily), I wonder if the Switch would be similarly transformative.

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