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Far More People Than Thought Are Carrying Rare Genetic Diseases

Posted on 07/10 17:31 in Shows | 0

In fact, the comparison of evolution to a gambler might be the most apt, and nowhere is this more evident than in reference to genetic diseases like hemophilia.Now a recent study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine suggests far more people than previously thought are carrying variants of rare genetic diseases and could force us to redefine what is considered a healthy genome.

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How IT Can Save Our Healthcare System

Posted on 07/17 21:04 in Shows | 0

In reality, the law is about health insurance reform, and curbing the steep rise of the federal government’s subsidizing of health care for our citizens.The US healthcare system is not behind in technology investment compared with other countries.

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Scientists Design Micromotor to Deliver Antibiotics

Posted on 08/17 14:21 in Shows | 0

Many substances can kill bacteria, but they come with unacceptable side effects.Others simply lose their effectiveness in the human body or are difficult to deliver where they are needed.

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