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Huge Pew study says human augmentation will be a hard sell, but it probably won’t be

Posted on 07/28 19:51 in Shows | 0

There are basically two arguments against non-medical human augmentation.The study focuses most powerfully on gene editing of babies and adults, upgraded synthetic blood, and intracranial brain implants for cognitive enhancement.

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Self-destructing batteries could change recycling, medical implants, even war

Posted on 08/09 16:24 in Shows | 0

There’s something many people find almost distasteful about tech that’s designed to destroy itself — even if the timeline for that destruction is longer than the device could realistically last.This week, researchers at Iowa State University got a lot closer to that goal with a new transient battery that could power self-destructing electronics.

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Drug delivery implants could change the way we approach chronic conditions

Posted on 11/22 19:44 in Shows | 0

There’s a trend in medicine toward using implants to deliver medication over long periods of time.Hormonal medications aren’t the only kind of drug that stands to benefit from a better vehicle for administration, though.

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