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Upgraded consoles are an “interesting, smart approach” says EA VP

Posted on 08/23 01:15 in More | 0

If Microsoft is right, their approach to the upgraded hardware could see the end of the traditional console cycle – and that’s a good thing.Taking on an approach that’s similar to the smartphone upgrade cycle may be the best thing for the console business, for a number of reasons.

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You Can Now Watch 'Gundam 00' Freely Online For A Limited Time

Posted on 12/16 18:46 in Deals | 0

As of today, the official Gundam online portal Gundam Info is announcing that all of Gundam 00 will be available to watch freely online.While this series will only be around for a limited time in terms of its streaming availability, it appears it will include the whole series across its two seasons.

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New Project Update 2 -

Posted on 01/28 19:40 in More | 0

I've been trying to keep my 2 concept artists busy.This definitely speeds up loading times and improves texture quality immensely.

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My first game: EKG learning game -

Posted on 03/09 20:17 in More | 0

I've enjoyed reading and looking at the interesting things you guys do on this site.Please go check out my game and tell me what you think.

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Rock of Ages 2: Bigger & Boulder - Level comparison: Bologna vs L'Aquila -

Posted on 03/17 21:53 in More | 0

On this occasion I'll be sharing our new take on the Renaissance level that features impressive jumps.Bologna on the left (Rock of Ages 2), L'Aquila on the right (Rock of Ages).

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My 2.5 years journey of game development -

Posted on 04/22 08:01 in More | 0

Just thought that I would share a bit about my game development experience in these past 2.This was when I learned another valuable lesson in game development.

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Ballista Legend - Ball Game (Zuma) -

Posted on 04/24 10:17 in More | 0

If you have wanted to play Zuma but there is no good example we have the solution for you.We made our game with pretty graphics, different levels on interesting locations and usefull spells to help you succeed.

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'A Way Out' Was The Best Part Of EA's E3 Press Conference

Posted on 06/11 19:04 in Deals | 0

Upcoming co-op game A Way Out was the most interesting thing about EA's press conference yesterday.If you ever played Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons, you'll know what an interesting game that was.

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