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Yoshi's New Island Review

Posted on 11/29 11:11 in Deals | 0

When the credits finally rolled on Yoshi’s New Island there was one feeling that overcame all others: relief.There’s no payoff for the sweaty discomfort inflicted by Yoshi’s New Island, just the same hollow feeling injecting the word ‘New’ into a beloved franchise might insinuate.

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Steam owners of Dead Island can save up to 85% on the Definitive Edition - Dead Island: Definitive Edition for PC News

Posted on 05/12 12:18 in More | 0

"As a Steam owner of either the original Dead Island, Dead Island Riptide, or both titles, you’ll also automatically receive a loyalty discount of up to 85% off the respective Definitive Edition of the game(s) you own, as well as a discount on the Definitive Collection bundle based on whether you own one or both!" reads a Steam Community blog by the publisher.

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Fallout 4 Far Harbor: The Complete Guide to the New Factions -

Posted on 06/06 07:15 in More | 0

Fallout 4 Far Harbor introduces three new factions for you to juggle, although what happens with them won't affect the rest of the game, so they're more like mini factions.Because they'll all be gone.

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Five Things You Have to Do in Fallout 4 Far Harbor -

Posted on 06/06 07:16 in More | 0

As you explore you'll find some holotapes that tell the terrible tale of what became of the Husky Family, who you may recognise if you're familiar with WWE.Part of the main story in Far Harbor involves collecting some of DiMA's memories and then following down the leads you get from them.

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Dead Island Riptide comes as a download in PS4 Definitive Edition - Dead Island: Definitive Edition for PS4 News

Posted on 06/06 07:35 in More | 0

Only the original Dead Island will be included on the PS4 disc of next week's Definitive Edition, Deep Silver has confirmed, with Dead Island Riptide instead requiring a separate download.The Xbox One version functions slightly differently, however, with both games included on a single disc.

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Review: Dead Island: Definitive Collection (Xbox One)

Posted on 06/06 07:38 in More | 0

Thankfully, they've decided against including the dire Escape from Dead Island, instead choosing to bundle up the original game, Dead Island: Riptide, all the DLC, and a new spin-off in the form of Dead Island: Retro Revenge.Taking the all-new title for a spin first, Dead Island: Retro Revenge is a side-scrolling runner where the protagonist is taking out zombie hordes that are situated on one of three "lanes.

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Dead Island: Definitive Edition Review -

Posted on 06/06 07:45 in More | 0

I thought the original Dead Island was awful.Five years later I'm playing Dead Island again, this time as part of the Dead Island Definitive Edition package (which includes the original, Riptide, and a new 2D beat 'em up), and I'm enjoying it.

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Dead Island Retro Revenge now available standalone - Dead Island Retro Revenge for PS4 News

Posted on 08/05 12:30 in More | 0

2D side-scrolling spin-off Dead Island: Retro Revenge is now available to purchase separately on PS4, Xbox One and PC.The game had previously been available exclusively as a freebie with Dead Island: Definitive Collection.

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Savage (Comic) #3(of 4) Review

Posted on 01/28 19:26 in More | 0

The third installment in the Savage miniseries from Valiant goes a long way to answer questions from the first two issues of the comic, but it also seems to go out of its way to pose more than it answers.The book is mostly convincing in the reality it presents, even though it is not needed thoroughly in a comic book.

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NIS America's 2017 Press Conference Round Up

Posted on 02/18 05:20 in More | 0

Culdcept Revolt is a cross between a board game and a card game.This one looks cool, and is coming to the Nintendo 3DS in Summer of 2017.

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