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Toy on a Mission UE4 Remix - Day 146

Posted on 01/16 16:26 in More | 0

Hello again, And welcome to this week's Journal entry.I have not made much time for development, So I have not done much But I have done the (simple) task of changing the players jump height and exposed a option to set the height.

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PS4.5 rumours intensify as Wall Street Journal corroborates earlier reports -

Posted on 07/08 14:05 in More | 0

A third major outlet has corroborated reports that Sony is to release a more powerful PlayStation 4 console.The console will also provide "more power" for running PlayStation VR, the report states.

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Toy on a Mission UE4 Remix - Day 153

Posted on 09/09 15:55 in More | 0

Hello again, And welcome to this week's Journal entry.Error of the week:I was having a crash with the following snippet of code, Because I did not read the crash and exception properly I was thinking that I was doing something wrong while trying to call a blueprint implemented event.

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Toy on a Mission UE4 Remix - Day 160

Posted on 10/21 16:58 in More | 0

Hello again, And welcome to this week's Journal entry.The 4.

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Toy on a Mission UE4 Remix - Day 167

Posted on 01/06 11:03 in More | 0

Hello again, And welcome to this week's Journal entry.UE4.

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Toy on a Mission UE4 Remix - Day 174

Posted on 05/12 12:27 in More | 0

Hello again, And welcome to this week's Journal entry.I don't seam to have done much this week, Again But I have started working on a prototype level(Another one anyway), And yes I am supposed to be cleaning up the existing three levels.

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Uncharted 4 Guide Index -

Posted on 05/12 12:30 in More | 0

In his final adventure in search of treasure and glory Nathan Drake, accompanied by his wayward brother Sam, as well as trusty old man sidekick Sully and remarkably tolerant wife Elena, is tracking down some lost pirate gold.That's all well and good for him, but Naughty Dog have hidden an unprecedented number of collectibles throughout the game, and we'd be very surprised if you managed to find them all without any help.

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Games and Culture | SAGE Publications Inc

Posted on 01/14 20:49 in More | 0

The word limit is 8000 words including tables, figures, abstract and references ,etc.All copy, including captions, footnotes, tables, and references, must be typed double-spaced, in 12-point Times New Roman font.

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New Project and Status Update -

Posted on 01/14 20:58 in More | 0

At the same time I was lightly managing a small online team for another project of mine.This other project I pay some contractors for and is my goal game for 2017.

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Brainstorming online soccer ball control -

Posted on 01/14 21:01 in More | 0

I'm developing an online soccer MOBA where upwards of ten players will be jockeying for a soccer ball.This journal is a brain dump to help me get a handle on the mechanics of managing a soccer ball in an online soccer game using Unity3D and the Photon network engine.

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Games and Culture | SAGE Journals

Posted on 01/14 21:02 in More | 0

Games and Culture peer-reviewed and published quarterly, is an international journal that promotes innovative theoretical and empirical research about games and culture within interactive media.The journal serves as a premiere outlet for ground-breaking work in the field of game studies and its scope includes the socio-cultural, political, and economic dimensions of gaming from a wide variety of perspectives.

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The Om Programming Language :) -

Posted on 01/14 21:03 in More | 0

The closest we come to constructors in Om are free functions that return an instance of an Om::Type::Object.Also bear in mind that Om::Type::Functions are entirely first-class entities in Om and can be assigned to variables or passed as parameters as simply as one would pass an Om::Type::Int or any other type.

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Introduction - And a little bit about "Rube" -

Posted on 02/03 08:26 in More | 0

But Rube is a functioning model that I have actually been using for decades and I CAN tell you how Rube says that time and reality function within Rube.Because, according to Rube and how Rube functions anyway, “God” and “Time combined with Reality” are one and the same thing.

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I am overburdened, nobody make a sound! -

Posted on 03/03 15:13 in More | 0

My two completed games used pixel graphics and as a natural fit they were armed with 8-bit style sound effects.I'm even less qualified as a sound engineer than as an artist so take my words with a grain of salt!

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