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See Apex’s past and your future in new Homefront: The Revolution teaser

Posted on 01/19 19:37 in More | 0

We talk to our loved ones, send silly emojis and capture our memories using smartphones and cameras from great big Korean multinational technology companies.What if they were a gateway – a way for foreign governments to gain a foothold and start their own plans for domination?

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Professional StarCraft II players arrested for cheating in game

Posted on 09/19 00:53 in More | 0

In South Korea, Changwon Regional Prosecution Service's special investigation division released the prosecution report of a StarCraft II match-fixing scandal.According to the report, eight (including the programmer) have been indicted and arrested, two have been indicted but not arrested, and one individual is still fleeing.

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Endless Frontier's Upcoming New Units (with Translations)

Posted on 04/26 03:33 in More | 0

Endless Frontier got some new Honor Units in Korea and, as one might expect, they look like they're going to change the meta completely just as with the last wave of Honor Units.There's one unit per tribe in this update, each one with direct combat benefits as well as general quality of life improvements should you have them.

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