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I am overburdened, loot is forever. -

Posted on 02/21 12:23 in More | 0

Sorry about that, but last week was spent only on "under the hood" stuff.So from now on, I'm going for condensed and "scripted" logs focusing on the features and development of the game.

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Some progress (added new vid) -

Posted on 02/23 11:34 in More | 0

Next up, I've started work on implementing shadow mapping from an omni-directional point light.This uses the usual method of rendering depth into a texture cube then projecting this onto the scene.

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The Division's 'Last Stand' DLC Review: The PvP Missing Link, At Long Last

Posted on 03/03 16:48 in Deals | 0

Massive claimed that there would be less PvP with the expansion of the Dark Zone and Last Stand for dedicated PvP.Massive has tried to solve what has been a problem with Dark Zone DLC from the start.

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Journal #11: Combat Update -

Posted on 03/11 16:22 in More | 0

In my last entry I mentioned the few things that were really remaining for my tactical gameplay.I added a few more weapons definition entries and updated the ship definitions to be the owner of the weapon slots.

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DevLog #13 - The Lone Ranger.....On a Pig... -

Posted on 03/14 06:51 in More | 0

Late last night, @Riuthamus wanted me to make a way for the player to ride pigs in The Harvest!At first when I started mounting the player to the pig mesh, I was very frustrated as the pig would not budge!

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Biggest ever PlayStation exclusive sale begins on PS Store

Posted on 03/22 13:34 in More | 0

PlayStation Europe has launched what it's calling the "biggest ever PlayStation exclusive" sale on the PS Store, discounting titles only available on PlayStation by up to 55 per cent.You'll find discounts on titles including Uncharted 4, Bloodborne, The Last of Us Remastered, The Last Guardian, Gravity Rush 2 and more.

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I am overburdened, evolution of box-art -

Posted on 03/22 15:05 in More | 0

This first one is about the box-art of the game.tload of image sizes for promotional art (especially true if you plan to sell the game on multiple storefronts).

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cast 07/29/2014

Posted on 03/24 16:16 in More | 0

We're live from the great state of Silicon Valley, USA with a hot list of summer tips to keep your water usage cool and conservational!Then you can beat the heat with the latest on Firefall, Destiny, Velvet Sundown, The Last of Us Remastered, and the enduring legacy of G.

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Supernatural Thrilling Game, Oxenfree Has Finally Arrived On Apple Store -

Posted on 03/25 13:05 in More | 0

Now, fans of graphic adventure video game, Oxenfree, can experience the game on their iPhone or iPad.American video game developer, Night School Studio, developer of Oxenfree, ported the game to iOS beautifully, adding a special feature called ‘custom touch controls.

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How I Got Going -

Posted on 03/28 21:03 in More | 0

What first encouraged me to start making games was actually when I was very young and played a game called Roblox.After a while I started to pick up game development again and found the Cryengine.

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1 Room Demon Slayer post mortem -

Posted on 03/29 22:07 in More | 0

Clearly I got distracted from any kind od game development activities for too long.Anyway, I wanted to share some of my experiences from the development process of 1 Room Demon Slayer game which I've submitted to the 1 Room RPG Jam.

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