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Brock Lesnar has nothing to fear in WWE 2K17

Posted on 06/30 10:50 in More | 0

This year, the beast incarnate known as Brock Lesnar gets that trip down memory lane in WWE 2K17, final destination Suplex City.But the WWE might be rewriting history a bit in that match for WWE 2K17 it seems.

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WWE 2K17 cover star Brock Lesnar won’t be suspended

Posted on 07/31 03:03 in More | 0

The beast incarnate might have picked up a win at the last big UFC event, but said win was allegedly earned with the help of some performance-enhancing drugs.That has left the beast incarnate in hot water with the Ultimate Fighting Championship organisation as he prepares for a suspension from the octagon.

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WWE Fastlane 2017: Creating A Better Ending To Goldberg Vs. Kevin Owens With WWE 2K17

Posted on 03/06 07:25 in Deals | 0

The main event for WWE Fastlane was perhaps one of the worst I've seen in recent memory.Chris Jericho showed up to distract Owens and Goldberg hit the latter with a Spear and a Jackhammer to get the pin.

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