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There Isn't Really Much To Say About The 'Quake Champions' Beta

Posted on 05/13 16:56 in Deals | 0

This weekend, the Quake Champions beta has lifted its NDA, allowing the game to be streamed for the first time, and everyone can see how it plays and share their thoughts ahead of the game’s eventual 2017 release.Turning Quake into an alleged “hero shooter” has in reality done very little to make the game stray from its core formula.

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'The Legend Of Zelda' Is Reportedly Coming To Smartphones But Where Is 'Mario Kart'?

Posted on 05/15 18:31 in Deals | 0

In a new report from The Wall Street Journal, it seems that the next smartphone title from the Nintendo and DeNA partnership after Animal Crossing will be a new The Legend of Zelda game.What with Animal Crossing already delayed until the end of this year, the report claims that this new Zelda game will come out after that.

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'Pirates of the Caribbean 5' Stolen By Actual Pirates Now Demanding Ransom From Disney

Posted on 05/16 00:02 in Deals | 0

Netflix didn’t budge and the season was released online, and it looks like Disney may be heading down the same path.So expect Pirates 5 to pop up online at any moment, if it hasn’t already.

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'Quake Champions' Beta First Impressions: Red Blend

Posted on 05/16 13:30 in Deals | 0

Quake Champions wants to blend the old retro arena shooter with the popular hero shooter genre and it succeeds to some degree.On the one hand, you certainly feel like you're playing an old arena shooter.

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Five Storytelling Fixes 'Destiny 2' Definitely Needs

Posted on 05/16 18:34 in Deals | 0

So, what should be different in Destiny 2?I think an effective way of conveying story and building characters in Destiny would be through somewhat traditional conversation trees with NPCs in social spaces.

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'Seasons After Fall': What Does The Fox Say? Metroidvania

Posted on 05/17 07:48 in Deals | 0

Sadly, the closest I’ll probably ever come to legitimate control over Earth’s tilt is Seasons After Fall, a gorgeous little puzzle-platformer by small indie studio Swing Swing Submarine.The setup for Seasons After Fall is full of whimsy, and if I’m being frank, slightly nonsensical.

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The Biggest 'Destiny 2' Question: Is This An SMG?

Posted on 05/17 17:21 in Deals | 0

Tomorrow is the grand reveal of Destiny 2 in Los Angeles, with a livestream component beaming it worldwide, but there’s one very important bit of sleuthing that needs to be done before then, and fans are going nuts over trying to figure out the answer to one simple question.This lead to a large number of YouTube videos with titles along the lines of SMG CONFIRMED!

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'Pokémon GO' Is Considering Move Set Rerolls After Community Feedback

Posted on 05/19 16:24 in Deals | 0

We are one day into Pokémon GO’s big Adventure Week event where valuable rock types abound and your buddy Pokémon is positively gobbling up candy with dramatically reduced distance in play.That would be the ability to re-roll the move set of your Pokémon in some form or another.

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The One Thing That's Bothering Me About 'Destiny 2'

Posted on 05/20 18:34 in Deals | 0

From everything I’ve seen so far, I’m certainly pretty pumped about Destiny 2.There’s a lot that makes Destiny 2 feel like a true sequel instead of just being Destiny 1.

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'NBA Live 18' LeBron James Screenshot Leaked

Posted on 05/21 17:49 in Deals | 0

It's just an off-screen image posted by YouTuber Chris Denker aka DenkOps, but its concrete proof NBA Live 18 is indeed going to be released sometime later this year.It's always tough to balance the render of a player like James.

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Will 'Crackdown 3' Be The Rabbit In Xbox Scorpio's Hat For Launch?

Posted on 05/22 17:52 in Deals | 0

Surprise, surprise, I’ve stumbled into another fanboy war with a recent post detailing about why I’m choosing to make the leap from Xbox One to PS4 to play Destiny 2 this fall, even with Xbox Scorpio on the horizon.But Crackdown 3 has been something of an enigma.

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These New 'Red Dead Redemption 2' Screenshots Will Blow Your Mind

Posted on 05/23 22:25 in Deals | 0

Yesterday we learned that Rockstar Games is delaying Red Dead Redemption 2 until Spring of 2018.Share prices fumbled, but even investors and analysts were nonplussed.

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Denzel Washington, The Rock And Angelina Jolie Are Popular In Fancasting Video Games to Movies

Posted on 05/24 16:26 in Deals | 0

Most fans probably shouldn't be allowed to have a hand in casting movies based on popular video games.Sorry fans, Denzel Washington is one of my favorite actors of all time, but he doesn't fit either of those roles.

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'Gwent' Open Beta Starts Today On Xbox One, PC And PS4, Watch The New Trailer Here

Posted on 05/24 20:48 in Deals | 0

CD Projekt Red's highly anticipated fantasy card game hits open beta on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One today, functioning something like a soft launch for the spinoff.Here's CD Projekt Red co-founder Marcin Iwiński on the Gwent Website:  Public Beta is an important step towards GWENT’s final release.

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This 'Castlevania' Trailer Is What I Wish 'The Witcher' Show Was Like

Posted on 05/25 12:01 in Deals | 0

The show's description reads: "The last surviving member of a disgraced clan fights to save Eastern Europe from Dracula.I can't help but think of another newly announced Netflix show that's still in the very early stages of becoming a reality: The Witcher.

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Ubisoft Rolls Out Five Trailers For 'Far Cry 5,' Steers Clear Of Politics

Posted on 05/26 15:33 in Deals | 0

They’ve just released five different trailers for Far Cry 5 to join the live action spot and character art from earlier in the week.There’s also a release date, which has Far Cry 5 coming out after the holiday, February 27th, 2018.

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Katsuhiro Otomo On Creating 'Akira' And Designing The Coolest Bike In All Of Manga And Anime

Posted on 05/26 18:00 in Deals | 0

So I used to enjoy reading manga on my own, which would also include drawing my own manga.” After the Akira movie, Otomo worked on many really interesting projects.

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Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass Might Actually Be The Best Value In Gaming

Posted on 05/26 18:35 in Deals | 0

But with Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass, which goes fully live June 1st, this is definitely the closest we’ve ever come to the idea being fully realized.But with Xbox Game Pass, if I can battle my Wifi to at least get through one download of a game, that’s it, I’ve won.

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'Far Cry 5' Is Political Whether It Wants To Be Or Not

Posted on 05/26 20:32 in Deals | 0

Here's producer Dan Hay at a recent presentation, via Kotaku: I began to get the sense that America was ready for a Far Cry.The idea that America might be "ready for a Far Cry" is not a comforting one.

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Pokemon GO: How Long Will We Wait For Legendaries?

Posted on 05/26 21:14 in Deals | 0

Right now, the wait du jour is for legendary Pokémon, one of the features we were promised at launch but has yet to materialize.Signs point to "soon," whatever that means.

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