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Mario Golf: World Tour Review

Posted on 11/30 08:16 in Deals | 0

Look at Mario Golf: World Tour.Looking at Mario Golf: World Tour it’s easy to be cynical.

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PAX Australia 2013 Archives

Posted on 12/31 23:46 in Reviews | 0

To some, the idea of a guy who’s been part of an industry for a meagre four years (having completely missed the golden age of print) talking about how the biz operates might be a little bit rich.So let me cut the little smirk and the comments containing the words ‘young blood’, ‘upstart’ and ‘that little prick’ off right now.

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Variks is now the "voice of revenge" for the Awoken in Destiny

Posted on 03/30 23:40 in More | 0

Seven months after the Taken War, and Destiny was a very different game.With the Queen and her brother missing, it’s up to Variks to maintain the status quo in the solar system alongside Petra Venj.

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The No-OOP back to basics experiment

Posted on 11/30 12:10 in More | 0

You'll scour the internet and you find all sorts of patterns and paradigms, you'll love them and start applying them everywhere.If they don't fit the problem, you'll make it fit god damn it, silver bullets everywhere.

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Capcom clarifies game dev changes to focus on quality not deadlines -

Posted on 06/06 07:38 in More | 0

Capcom has clarified comments made last week by chairman and CEO Kenzo Tsujimoto regarding changes in the publisher's development process in an effort to focus on hitting quality targets.After the disappointing 1.

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Pokémon GO's Double XP Thanksgiving Event Starts Today

Posted on 11/23 17:13 in Deals | 0

We have much to be thankful for, at the very least where Pokémon GO is concerned.The game’s second ever in-game event went live today, promising double XP and Stardust for all activities until November 30th.

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Bethesda Should Make Russian-Hacker-Themed 'Fallout 4' DLC After CNN Gaffe

Posted on 01/03 19:58 in Deals | 0

The word "hacking" is rather nefarious sounding, but most people have no idea what it actually involves.When we think of hacking we conjure up images of The Matrix or Mr.

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Hasbro's 'Hanazuki': An Intergalactic Love Letter To 'My Little Pony' Fans

Posted on 01/14 01:30 in Deals | 0

Even more unusual is that Hanazuki debuted Thursday on YouTube and the YouTube Kids app, making it Hasbro’s first digital animated series.The company has released nine 11-minute episodes so far, commemorating the first full moon of the year.

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3D Paint PBR release - finally! :) -

Posted on 01/14 20:58 in More | 0

Then I had to learn how PBR shaders are meant to work.The many purists would no doubt tell me off, as mine is not so much as 'physically based' as 'physically incorrect'.

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Introduction - And a little bit about "Rube" -

Posted on 02/03 08:26 in More | 0

But Rube is a functioning model that I have actually been using for decades and I CAN tell you how Rube says that time and reality function within Rube.Because, according to Rube and how Rube functions anyway, “God” and “Time combined with Reality” are one and the same thing.

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Timesplitters Rewind release date pushed forward in new teaser

Posted on 02/06 17:16 in More | 0

Timesplitters Rewind, a re-imagining of the cult hit from a team of developers, is scheduled to be out in 2017, rather than the initially slated 2018.Cinder Interactive Arts, the 35 strong that are working on the game which aims to bring together a selection of weapons, characters and maps from all three previous games in the series,  released a teaser that gives away very little, bar the fact they're now looking to launch this year.

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I am overburdened, monsters and mods. -

Posted on 02/12 21:44 in More | 0

This video is the most condensed so far, focusing exclusively on last week's development and showcasing gameplay features.So it is short (3 minutes), maximally to the point and heavily "scripted" : During this week, I pretty much completed all the logic related to the monsters of the game.

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Exclusive: Hasbro Thinks Big With My Little Pony Toy Fair Reveal

Posted on 02/16 16:54 in Deals | 0

For 2017, Hasbro has big things planned for one of its most lucrative franchises: My Little Pony.See also: An Exclusive First Look At Hasbro's My Little Pony Comic-Con Toy My Magical Princess Twilight Sparkle will retail at $129.

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'Pokémon GO' Celebrates Pokémon Day With Pikachu

Posted on 02/27 20:53 in Deals | 0

It may not be as big as some of the other holidays in Pokémon GO, but the app has a little celebration in store to commemorate Pokémon Day, marking the 21st anniversary of the franchise writ large.They've given Pikachus found out in the wild a little party hat, available until March 6th.

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Finally We're Getting A Video Game Based On James Cameron's 'Avatar'

Posted on 02/28 19:11 in Deals | 0

The game announcement comes eight years after the launch of the groundbreaking film, and just one day after news that Avatar 2 will begin filming in August.In any case, we know very little about the game just yet as it's all in very early stages.

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Little Nightmares makes the comfortable uncomfortable

Posted on 03/30 13:19 in More | 0

In Little Nightmares, Six, a little girl in a yellow mac, platforms through the waking terrors of childhood.He catches little children like Six by sniffing them out, and wraps them in linen, and hangs them from meathooks.

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