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Caveat Emptor: USB-C cable compatibility and safety are turning into a nightmare

Posted on 11/09 21:44 in Shows | 0

0) and USB 3.The actual USB-C cables being sold on the market support a huge range of features.

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Best Windows laptops for MacBook Pro refugees

Posted on 11/23 17:32 in Shows | 0

Many of them are feeling neglected, judging by how many have started asking me for suggestions on Windows laptops.Possibly the first Windows laptops to truly echo the elegant design of the MacBook Pro, Dell’s XPS family has long featured solid build quality, excellent displays, and top-of-the-line performance.

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Apple's Bootcamp audio driver can permanently damage the speakers on the new MacBook Pro

Posted on 11/30 15:35 in Shows | 0

For the past 11 years, Apple has offered formal support for installing Windows on a Macintosh running OS X via its Boot Camp Assistant software.Multiple customers who purchased one of Apple’s new MacBook Pros are reporting that the default Boot Camp audio driver can permanently damage the system’s speakers.

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This multi-port accessory adds back everything Apple removed from the latest MacBook Pro

Posted on 12/06 15:05 in Shows | 0

Apple’s new MacBook Pro is a dongle-happy mess for anyone who uses peripherals manufactured prior to 2017, since the system only supports Thunderbolt 3 by default.Enter the HyperDrive — an all-in-one Kickstarter project that hopes to replicate all of the ports that are missing on the current MacBook Pro in a single product.

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Apple's MacBook Pro with Touch Bar has some massive battery life problems

Posted on 12/08 13:44 in Shows | 0

If you can live with the restrictions Apple puts on the MacBook Pro and don’t mind the price, most reviews have suggested these are solid follow-ups, with the Touch Bar offering some interesting capabilities and long-term potential.Now that laptops are shipping in volume, however, some readers are chiming in about massive battery life problems.

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Apple's new MacBook Pro is the first MacBook Consumer Reports won't recommend

Posted on 12/23 22:35 in Shows | 0

Now, Consumer Reports has refused to recommend the MacBook Pro for the first time ever.The findings are worth quoting directly: The MacBook Pro battery life results were highly inconsistent from one trial to the next.

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Apple now investigating Consumer Reports MacBook Pro battery life results

Posted on 12/27 16:20 in Shows | 0

What we know is that some Apple buyers have reported abnormally low battery life ever since the new MacBooks launched.First, there’s the fact that Apple’s battery life estimates are typically extremely good.

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The Mac's user share just fell to a five-year low

Posted on 01/06 22:56 in Shows | 0

In the years after it converted to x86 and launched the first Core 2 Duo Macs and Mac Pros, Apple enjoyed increased market share and better Mac business performance.Even after the iPhone and iPad had dwarfed Macintosh sales, it remained a potent additional income stream and Mac market share grew throughout the Great Recession and the decline of the PC market.

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Apple fixes Safari bug that distorted Consumer Reports battery life tests

Posted on 01/10 22:32 in Shows | 0

Last month, Consumer Reports declared it would not recommend the new MacBook Pro, on account of its poor and highly erratic battery life.It turns out Consumer Reports’ battery life tests were being impacted by a Safari bug, as we had hypothesized was the case.

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The PC market just fell for the fifth straight year as unit shipments continue to decline

Posted on 01/12 14:11 in Shows | 0

“The broad PC market has been static as technology improvements have not been sufficient to drive real market growth.This side of the market is much bigger than the PC enthusiast segment; thus, steep declines in the infrequent PC user market offset the fast growth of the PC enthusiast market.

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Analyst: Apple will offer Kaby Lake MacBook Pros with 32GB RAM this year, but battery life could take a hit

Posted on 01/18 16:48 in Shows | 0

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo with KGI Securities is predicting that Apple will refresh the MacBook Pro this year, with both Kaby Lake processors and a substantial RAM upgrade.It reports that upgrading to Kaby Lake and adding more RAM “could potentially address one criticism some had of the new MacBook Pros: their not-much-improved battery life.

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New Apple MacBook Pro banned from bar exams in multiple states thanks to Touch Bar

Posted on 01/31 22:52 in Shows | 0

Apple’s new Touch Bar is the updated MacBook Pro’s signature new feature.That programmability is causing problems for the MacBook Pro in certain markets and is limiting its usefulness in various bar exams.

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Apple may integrate new custom ARM cores into future Macs, but an x86 swap is still unlikely

Posted on 02/03 13:33 in Shows | 0

When Apple launched its new MacBook Pros with the new Touch Bar, they also included a new ARM core, dubbed the T1, to handle the Touch Bar screen and certain other aspects of the system.Instead of reprogramming Apple Pay and Touch ID for macOS, Apple put an ARM core running watchOS in the MacBook Pro.

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LG will fix shielding on future 5K monitors to prevent router disruption

Posted on 02/03 22:35 in Shows | 0

Earlier this week, we reported on the LG 5K UltraFine monitor’s problems with content when a router was placed near the display.If the router is too close to the monitor, the display will blank, flicker, or fail to display at all.

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Best Laptops for Engineers and Engineering Students: When Work Requires a Real Workstation

Posted on 05/12 16:53 in Shows | 0

So what’s the best laptop for engineers and engineering students?Once again HP has delivered a state-of-the-art portable engineering workstation, with the G3 update to its well-regarded ZBook 17.

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Best Laptops for Photo Editing

Posted on 05/22 17:03 in Shows | 0

Photo editing pushes laptop capabilities right to the edge.If you are in the market and photo editing is a top priority, one of these laptops is likely to suit your needs.

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Apple Unveils Kaby Lake-Equipped iMacs, $5K iMac Pro at WWDC

Posted on 06/05 20:17 in Shows | 0

In a surprise move, Apple also took the wraps off what it’s calling the iMac Pro, the first-ever iMac to bear that moniker.The iMac Pro will be available this coming December starting at a whopping $4,999.

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Best Laptops for Video Editing

Posted on 07/05 14:38 in Shows | 0

Digital video editing has long been associated with massive machines packed with the most expensive components on the market, and with good reason.Adobe’s Premiere Pro CC will work on both Windows and OS X, but Apple’s video editing products are only available for OS X.

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PC Market Shipments Slip Again, Macs Mostly Flat

Posted on 07/14 13:46 in Shows | 0

On the other hand, Gartner found Apple increased its market share (from 6.HP and Dell gained market share, Lenovo and Asus got the snot pounded out of them.

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Consumer Reports Yanks All Microsoft Surface Recommendations

Posted on 08/10 21:56 in Shows | 0

First, Consumer Reports is pulling the ‘Recommended’ status on four systems: The Surface Laptop (128GB and 256GB) and the Surface Book (128GB and 512GB) are no longer preferred options.There’ve been reports of poor longevity and recurring issues with multiple Surface products across the past few years.

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