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AMD has built hardware at Samsung, could tap foundry for future products

Posted on 07/27 21:13 in Shows | 0

One of the major questions AMD investors raised after the company’s conference call last week was where AMD was building most of its hardware.While the company disclosed that it had purchased $75 million in wafers from GlobalFoundries in Q2, that’s a fraction of AMD’s usual wafer spend.

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Samsung’s 10nm node, SoCs now in mass production

Posted on 10/17 22:36 in Shows | 0

According to Samsung, its 10nm LPE (Low Power Early) process node will offer “up to 30-percent increase in area efficiency with 27-percent higher performance or 40-percent lower power consumption.” Or this, from the company’s page on its 32nm process node.

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China declares it will stop selling iPhones if Trump imposes tariffs

Posted on 11/14 21:38 in Shows | 0

One of Donald Trump’s major campaign promises was to levy extremely high tariffs against countries he feels are taking advantage of us, like China.If he does list China as a currency manipulator and slap steep tariffs on Chinese imports, China will take countermeasures.

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3D printing gets a big boost at CES 2017

Posted on 01/10 21:38 in Shows | 0

The CES 3D printer marketplace is a great venue for getting an overview of what’s new and innovative in 3D printing.Unfortunately, industry leader 3D Systems didn’t return this year, but there were plenty of other players — old and new — that showed off what is now possible in printing solid objects.

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Trump blasts BMW for, er, building almost 50,000 more cars in the US than it sells in the US

Posted on 01/17 15:37 in Shows | 0

In verbal retaliation, Germany’s economy minister said the US needs to build better-quality cars if it wants to sell overseas.The reality is that BMW already builds a lot of cars here — thousands more than it sells in the US.

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New advances in directed self-assembly could push silicon below 10nm more efficiently than EUV

Posted on 03/28 13:39 in Shows | 0

It’s a complementary method of printing structures using chemical processes.To understand why LER is a major roadblock, imagine being asked to freehand draw two straight lines one foot apart, with no more than a two-inch deviation from a perfectly straight line.

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7nm Semiconductor Tech to Arrive in 3 Stages: GlobalFoundries

Posted on 06/27 16:21 in Shows | 0

But companies like Samsung, GlobalFoundries, and TSMC have defined a system of short and long-lived nodes, with different characteristics and their own individual roadmaps for how long each node will last.Unlike TSMC and Samsung, both of which have 10nm products on their roadmaps, GlobalFoundries opted to leap straight for 7nm after licensing 14nm production from Samsung.

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Microsoft Closes US Surface Factory, Moves Production to China

Posted on 07/20 13:47 in Shows | 0

Panos Panay, head of Surface development, went to the plant and announced that Microsoft is consolidating its manufacturing and will build the Surface Hub in the same place as its other Surface devices.For all the emphasis placed on manufacturing jobs and the blue collar workers that have them, US-based manufacturing has shrunk drastically over the past 47 years.

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Startup Aims to Make 3D Metal Printing 100 Times Faster

Posted on 07/28 15:43 in Shows | 0

Virtually all 3D printing still uses cheap plastics, which isn’t suitable for long-term use.There was a great deal of mainstream interest in 3D printing a few years back, but that has cooled somewhat.

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Foxconn Claims It'll Build a Factory in Wisconsin, but Don't Hold Your Breath

Posted on 07/31 14:08 in Shows | 0

In theory, this would be great for Wisconsin workers seeking jobs in technology manufacturing.The plant would produce flat-panel displays for TVs and other consumer products.

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New 3D Printers Can Print Materials as Strong as Steel

Posted on 08/28 15:46 in Shows | 0

The cost of 3D printers has come down, but they’re not much more capable than they were when they cost thousands of dollars.The Markforged X3 and X5 printers split the difference with a single-step process that produces parts and tools with a custom plastic-carbon fiber composite.

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What Happened to the Tech Job Boom?

Posted on 09/20 15:47 in Shows | 0

Over that same 15-year period, the market value of the five largest tech companies grew from $1.Software has cut middle management layers out of tech companies, too.

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