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PJ Masks "Super City Run" Game, Songs And Episodes For Christmas

Posted on 11/28 14:10 in Deals | 0

On Dec 8 the PJ Masks Super City Run game will join the current releases Moonlight Heroes, Nighttime Ninjalinos and Hero Training.The Super City Run game is viewed from top-down and places each of the heroes in a time-bound level.

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'PJ Masks' Tech Toys Add Lights, Sound And Articulation

Posted on 01/11 17:21 in Deals | 0

Growing from strength to strength and approaching its second season, PJ Masks is fast becoming the talk of the playground.The show that airs on Disney Junior revolves around three children heroes who gain special power when they put on their pyjama super-hero outfits.

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New 'PJ Masks Starlight Sprint' Game Out Now In Disney Junior App

Posted on 03/02 15:32 in Deals | 0

Next PJ Masks video-game is Starlight Sprint and it's out now.Parents with children of a certain age will know all about the PJ Masks.

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'PJ Masks' Stage Show Adds Theatrical Drama To On-Screen Antics

Posted on 05/15 17:12 in Deals | 0

If you've not seen the show, or played the range of PJ Masks video-games you likely don't have children of a certain age.The show already has a range of interactive video-games and toys, but will now come to life on the stage.

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Limited Edition 'PJ Masks' Talking Toys Available At San Diego Comic-Con

Posted on 07/18 17:29 in Deals | 0

If you are heading to San Diego Comic-Con this year with your family, be sure to visit the PJ Masks booth #4021.The PJ Masks Catboy vs.

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