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Civilization VI showcases unique districts

Posted on 06/30 10:38 in More | 0

However, Civilization VI will let you experience a much more customized city thanks to unique districts.We’ve heard about districts in Civilization VI and how they change cities, making them more nuanced and customized, as well as realistic.

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1 Room RPG Jam -

Posted on 02/05 21:15 in More | 0

As there is no better way of learning a tool than to create a clear goal that needs to be accomplished using it, I've decided to join the 1 Room RPG Jam, and to use Unity Game Engine for the project.The idea that I am aiming for is simple: we're dealing with 2D, tile-based room.

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Drawing a Game From Nothing: Concept Art -

Posted on 02/25 04:12 in More | 0

But for people who just like to create, it's in the design process; and nothing says design process quite like concept art.But what concept art does it does well: concept art is a grinding wheel for the hatchet of your imagination.

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Mobile Game Reviews: Let's Play Paper Wings -

Posted on 02/28 16:03 in More | 0

Welcome back to this (nearly) daily coverage of the best mobile games that I come by.If any of you are looking for a casual game, I might just have found the perfect game!

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