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The Miller Report - TV Videos Going Forward -

Posted on 09/16 21:45 in More | 0

Some of you may be asking 'Where's today's Miller Report?We're certainly not complaining, and are more than proud of what we have accomplished, but there's also the little caveat of VideoGamer.

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Deadpool will be back for sequel with Reynolds, Tim Miller and the creative team -

Posted on 09/25 07:19 in More | 0

Deadpool 2 has been confirmed to be in the works, with Ryan Reynolds and director Tim Miller on board alongside the entire creative team behind the monster-hit comic book film.This means original writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick will be returning to work on the sequel's script.

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WWE WrestleMania 32: Behind The Scenes - The Miller Report - WWE 2K16 for PS4 News -

Posted on 10/06 20:56 in More | 0

WrestleMania 32 is the biggest event in the pro-wrestling calendar.Signalling the end of one WWE year before a new one is born the night after, WrestleMania 32 is 'the showcase of the immortals'.

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New Gears Of War 4 Story Details? - Gears of War 4 for Xbox One News

Posted on 11/30 17:09 in More | 0


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WWE Kevin Owens Interview - WWE 2K16 for PS4 News -

Posted on 01/09 20:08 in More | 0

WWE's Kevin Owens is one of the top Superstars in WWE.Having just starred in his first WrestleMania, Simon 'The Miller Report' Miller sat down with Kevin Owens to chat about the event, his experience in climbing ladders, changing lightbulbs and how his finishing move - the Pop-Up Powerbomb - is actually a move 'Miller' came up with.

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The Miller Report Has His Own YouTube Channel -

Posted on 05/27 04:43 in More | 0

The Miller Report has now got his own YouTube channel.Because VideoGamerTV just simply couldn't handle the score or the truth.

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Uncharted 4: Will It Break? #1 - Uncharted 4: A Thief's End for PS4 News

Posted on 05/12 12:15 in More | 0

Uncharted 4 is the biggest game of 2016 so far.That's great news, but it also raises other questions we must ask ourselves, namely: will it break?

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FInn Balor on NXT, WWE, and being scared - WWE 2K16 for PS4 News

Posted on 05/12 12:17 in More | 0

He comes out wearing war paint.He jumps from great heights and drives his feet into people's chests.

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WWE's William Regal talks WWE, his career and gets tricked... - WWE 2K16 for PS4 News

Posted on 05/12 12:20 in More | 0

Going from UK hero to WCW and WWE legend, he's now an integral part of NXT, WWE's developmental system where the stars of tomorrow are groomed for the main roster.None of that prepared him for his sit down meeting with Simon 'The Miller Report' Miller, though.

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DOOM Review (in real life) - DOOM (2016) for PS4 News

Posted on 06/06 07:19 in More | 0

DOOM has arrived and it's a game where you buy a gun and go shoot everything in the face.Obviously Simon 'The Miller Report' Miller loves it, but he's not going to review it in the same boring way as everyone else.

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Dark Souls 3: 7 Reasons Why It's For Babies - Dark Souls 3 for PS4 News

Posted on 06/06 07:32 in More | 0

Dark Souls 3 is a game beloved by many.A series that has become bigger than anyone at FROM Software could've dreamed, it now stands as a true giant within the video game industry.

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UK Podcast Episode 166 E3 Special -

Posted on 06/23 13:13 in More | 0

well the conferences are anyway.We've analysed, enthused and moaned about everything we saw from Microsoft, Sony, EA, Bethesda, Ubisoft, and Nintendo.

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