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US safety agency: Stop using your Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Posted on 09/09 23:58 in Shows | 0

For the past few weeks, evidence has been mounting that all is not well with Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7.So far, Samsung has announced an exchange program, but not a formal device recall.

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Leaked roadmap claims Intel will bring six-core chips to mainstream PCs with upcoming Coffee Lake

Posted on 09/15 13:59 in Shows | 0

Ever since Intel launched the Core i7 back in 2008, it has pursued a fairly consistent core allocation and marketing system.It’s been that way for nearly a decade, but if a leaked roadmap is accurate, that’s about to change.

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Almost everyone is still using their recalled Samsung Galaxy Note 7s despite risk of fire

Posted on 09/15 21:15 in Shows | 0

That’s not usually a dangerous infatuation, unless your phone has a higher than average likelihood of bursting into flames, as the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 does.There are almost as many Note 7 devices in use now as there were when the recall began.

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Report: Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery woes driven by rush to beat Apple to market

Posted on 09/19 19:40 in Shows | 0

In its haste to beat Apple to the punch, the company may have compromised its own battery technology, leading to the current Note 7 recall.The company recently sold holdings in ASML, Seagate, Rambus, and Sharp to raise a total of $891 million to help pay for the Note 7 recall.

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Google may announce ‘Andromeda’ OS at October 4th event

Posted on 09/26 22:17 in Shows | 0

There are a number of rumors pointing to an early peek at Andromeda, a version of Android with some Chrome OS bits that make it better for tablet and laptop devices.Rumors of a Chrome OS and Android merger began popping up some months ago, and the arrival of the Play Store on Chromebooks only added fuel to the fire.

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Motorola almost completely gutted by Lenovo following new round of layoffs

Posted on 09/28 20:33 in Shows | 0

Now, almost two years after Lenovo took full control of Motorola, virtually all the jobs Lenovo inherited from Motorola have been cut.At the time of acquisition, Motorola Mobility employed about 3,500 people around the world, including 2,800 in the US.

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FCC aims to improve phone emergency alerts after recent bombings

Posted on 09/29 23:26 in Shows | 0

However, after the recent bombings in New York and New Jersey, there’s pressure to improve these alerts, which are currently woefully inadequate.Participation in the system is not mandatory for wireless carriers, but the big four US carriers — AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon — have all added support.

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25 best Android tips to make your phone more useful

Posted on 09/30 21:38 in Shows | 0

It can be hard to keep up, so we’ve gathered the 25 best tips for your Android phone right here.After all of the above, you should be a pro at using Android.

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How much additional performance does Intel’s Kaby Lake refresh deliver?

Posted on 10/06 16:18 in Shows | 0

Earlier this year, Intel announced it would no longer operate according to the tick-tock model that drove its product introductions for almost a decade.New process nodes would debut first, followed by a new architecture, followed by a further optimization of the process node.

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Samsung used internal lab to test Note 7 battery instead of third-party

Posted on 10/17 21:51 in Shows | 0

A new report from The Wall Street Journal reveals Samsung used an internal lab to test the battery in the Note 7, which sets it apart from all other smartphone makers, which use independent third-party labs for such testing.There’s no guarantee that Samsung’s use of an internal testing lab has anything to do with the Note 7 defect, but it is very unusual.

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Apple claims more than 90 percent of ‘genuine’ Apple chargers sold on Amazon are fake

Posted on 10/20 13:43 in Shows | 0

It’s common to see Apple-compatible chargers and hardware for sale on Amazon and advertised as genuine Apple products — but according to Apple, the vast majority of these products are fake and built to terrible quality standards.The internal components are vastly different when compared with a genuine UL Listed Apple adapter.

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Samsung's mobile division profits fall by 96% in wake of Note 7 disaster

Posted on 10/28 17:36 in Shows | 0

In a separate meeting yesterday, Samsung President Shin Jong-kyun met with shareholders directly and gave some additional updates and disclosures related to the Note 7 disaster.As of this writing, Jet Black iPhone 7’s have a wait time of 2-3 weeks, while the same iPhone 7 Plus has an estimated wait time of 4-6 weeks.

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Microsoft announces Windows version of Alcatel Idol 4S Android phone

Posted on 11/01 22:11 in Shows | 0

To prove it, Microsoft has gotten a mid-tier Android phone maker to create a Windows 10 version of its latest device.Starting next week, you’ll be able to get a Windows version of the Alcatel Idol 4S from T-Mobile in the US.

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Apple may be supersizing the iPhone 8, once again rumored to be mulling an OLED screen

Posted on 11/15 15:36 in Shows | 0

This time it’s the iPhone 8, even though if we follow Apple’s design cadence, this next phone will actually be the iPhone 7s — unless, of course, Apple actually changes up its product names in recognition of the iPhone’s upcoming tenth anniversary (the iPhone turns 10 on June 29, 2007).According to analysts from Barclay’s Research (via MacRumors), the next-generation iPhone will feature a bezel-less screen and larger displays — up to 5.

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Backdoor found on some Android phones that sends personal data to Chinese server

Posted on 11/17 14:23 in Shows | 0

So many companies are making and selling phones, that staggering security mistakes continue to occur from time to time.The problem: that smartphone had a rather large security hole that sent user data to a server in China.

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The Evolution Of Gaming Advertising In China

Posted on 12/01 04:56 in Deals | 0

In addition, NetEase’s mobile games revenue has surged in relation to PC games revenue, and currently stands at 66% of the company’s games revenue (having surpassed PC online games revenue midyear 2015).One new NetEase mobile game is New Ghost (倩女幽魂 手游), and it is an enormous hit.

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SSD Pricewatch: SSD prices are expected to jump this quarter thanks to limited NAND supply, surging demand

Posted on 12/02 23:04 in Shows | 0

For the last few years, SDD prices have been falling steadily, thanks to increased NAND production by multiple companies and the transition to 3D NAND, which offers vastly increased densities for lower cost-per-bit.According to DRAMeXchange via CTimes, average contract prices for MLC NAND flash drives are expected to rise by 6-10% , while TLC products are anticipated to rise by 6-9%.

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15 Years of Mobile Games and We Have In App Purchases

Posted on 12/05 10:53 in Deals | 0

I will try to tell the entire story - I started playing games when I was roughly 7 – 8 years old, and I started my first mobile games company when I was 15 years old.And just at the edge of 2000, the first mobile phones came out with deeper capabilities of mobile gaming than just snake.

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Why you should (or shouldn't) root your Android device

Posted on 12/05 19:19 in Shows | 0

Gaining root access on Android is akin to running Windows as an administrator.These tools are basically the gatekeeper of root access on your phone.

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Engineers claim Samsung's aggressive design led to Note 7 fires

Posted on 12/05 22:01 in Shows | 0

But manufacturing technology company Instrumental has gotten its hands on a Note 7 to do a detailed third-party analysis.The Note 7 was getting universally excellent reviews several months ago as it hit the market.

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