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HTC may stop selling flagship phones in the US

Posted on 12/20 22:25 in Shows | 0

The changes come as the company’s 2016 flagship, the HTC 10 has failed to sell in significant numbers.The unfortunate thing is that the HTC 10 isn’t a bad phone.

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The 6 best Android phones of 2016

Posted on 12/22 20:15 in Shows | 0

The hardware is faster, Android is more refined, and designs are smarter.It all adds up to an embarrassment of riches.

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China's Year Of Virtual Reality

Posted on 12/23 19:59 in Deals | 0

2016 became "year one" of virtual reality in China, due to the fact that the sector finally truly started to grow.A survey done by Niko Partners earlier this year showed that more than half of Chinese gamers are interested in VR and almost 30% are willing to spend up to $200 USD on a device, which is significant considering the average income in China hovers around $12,000 per year.

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Was 'Super Mario Run' A Success Or A Failure?

Posted on 01/04 17:57 in Deals | 0

Other mobile games seek to continually draw revenue out of a consistently engaged playerbase, while Super Mario Run relies entirely on a one-time $10 purchase.There are gameplay successes, to be sure: Super Mario Run was a faithful adaptation of the Mario franchise to non-Nintendo hardware, with all of the essential Mario-ness intact.

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The New 'Mega Man' Mobile Games Are Actually Quite Awful

Posted on 01/06 17:00 in Deals | 0

The first six Mega Man games were released yesterday on smartphones, I had hoped they would bolster the series somewhat.Unfortunately, it turns out that they are rather terrible.

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CES 2017 delivered a clear vision of the car of the future

Posted on 01/10 20:44 in Shows | 0

A large part of the smartphone’s power is the connection to the cloud to enable new services and experiences across different devices.To that end, automakers — and industry suppliers — are beginning to flesh out their visions of what the “mobility experience” looks like in the future.

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Verizon notifies heaviest unlimited data users they need to switch plans or leave

Posted on 01/11 15:39 in Shows | 0

Carriers moved away from unlimited data, like Verizon did in 2011.According to a notice from Verizon that was sent to unlimited customers, it’s putting a hard limit on data usage by unlimited customers.

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AT&T shuts down 2G network, ending support for original iPhone

Posted on 01/18 19:32 in Shows | 0

However, this move is a dagger to the heart of some devices — for example, the original iPhone from 2007.There were a number of compromises necessary with the original iPhone to make it a viable smartphone.

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'Fire Emblem Heroes' Is Free-To-Play, Coming To Android First

Posted on 01/19 01:17 in Deals | 0

Today, Nintendo announced several new Fire Emblem games coming to 3DS, the Nintendo Switch and mobile.The new mobile games is called Fire Emblem Heroes, which is a pretty fitting name for a mobile game.

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CyanogenMod successor Lineage OS is now available for download

Posted on 01/24 21:06 in Shows | 0

Say hello to its successor, Lineage OS.The infrastructure and the CyanogenMod name are owned by Cyanogen Inc, which left the open source contributors with a dilemma.

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10 best Android apps for power users

Posted on 01/30 16:10 in Shows | 0

With the right apps you can may your phone faster and better.You can also start making changes to customize the device to your liking and really get into the nitty gritty of customizing.

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Samsung expected to unveil Galaxy Tab S3 at Mobile World Congress

Posted on 02/01 20:37 in Shows | 0

The company is coming to MWC with a new device, most likely the high-end Galaxy Tab S3.The leaks point to something very much like that for the Tab S3.

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'Fire Emblem: Heroes' Comes Out Today On iOS And Android

Posted on 02/02 16:22 in Deals | 0

This comes after the mega success of Niantic Labs' Pokemon GO, as well as the more qualified success of Nintendo's own Super Mario Run, which came out in December.Hopefully it arrives in North America soon, and we'll update you when that happens.

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Bipartisan bill would force police to get warrants before using Stingray cell tracker

Posted on 02/17 13:56 in Shows | 0

A rare alliance of Democratic and Republican members of the US Congress could lead to increased restrictions on how police officers can deploy so-called Stingray cell phone trackers.This bill would force police to get warrants before using Stingrays.

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Minecraft Pocket Edition gets Windows 10 Mobile update

Posted on 02/23 12:44 in More | 0

Minecraft Pocket Edition players on Windows Phones who can update their OS to Windows 10 mobile will receive an upgrade to the Windows 10 Mobile version of Minecraft for free.What you gain are Achievements, Realms and a range of new features, beginning with The End, the third and final dimension in Minecraft.

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Let's Play some Mobile Games (daily list of mobile game reviews) -

Posted on 02/25 17:14 in More | 0

So, a few weeks ago I got an idea; since I play so many mobile games anyway, why don't I just commit to sharing my comments / thoughts on the games I play with others who might be interested in some of these games.That way, I'll always have a new game to recommend when people ask, and can act as a curator for new/fun/amazing mobile games.

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5 JRPGs That Should Get the Final Fantasy Tactics Treatment

Posted on 02/27 05:25 in More | 0

Here are a few JRPGs that should get the Final Fantasy Tactics treatment.Breath of Fire does not have the following to support a proper Final Fantasy Tactics like spin-off, however.

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Recent Nintendo Switch update enabled developers to access more GPU power in mobile mode

Posted on 02/27 11:13 in More | 0

The boosts takes the mobile GPU clock speed from 307.2MHz to 384MHz, but the speed increase must be enabled developer side, and is not simply an option for the user to activate.

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A new approach to ping pong -

Posted on 02/27 11:59 in More | 0

Power Pong is a game being developed for Android mobile devices.The aim of the game is to reduce your opponent's HP to 0 using a set of skills at your disposal.

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