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WoW Tokens Can Now Be Turned into Battle.Net Currency

Posted on 02/06 22:29 in More | 0

For fans of World of Warcraft, there's a brand new way to use those hard-earned tokens.Players will be able to use this money on any game connected to Battle.

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Meet The App That's Empowering The Women Of Myanmar To The Bank

Posted on 02/20 02:23 in Deals | 0

One such organization is Wave Money, a joint venture between Telenor, Yoma Bank and Myanmar First Investments.“The partnership between Wave Money and UNCDF will be instrumental in identifying how we can most effectively serve those currently underserved and excluded,” said Brad Jones, Wave Money’s CEO, via email.

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Police get warrant for entire Minnesota city's Google searches in wire fraud case

Posted on 03/17 22:01 in Shows | 0

The warrant — amazingly, approved by a judge in Hennepin county — instructs Google to make data belonging to anyone in the well-to-do suburb available to police.According to the warrant granted on February 1st, a Google search for “Douglas [last name]” surfaces a photo that was used on the fraudulent passport.

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cast 10/27/2015

Posted on 03/24 16:09 in More | 0

Between fall video games shipping and Sony holding press conferences, we almost missed this week's podcast!Luckily we rode our bears here from Paris to touch on all these topics, plus the quirks of Canadian money, the horrors of Bayou Billy, educational Second Life, and the fourth wave of ska.

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Pokemon GO's Eggstravaganza Event Will Be A Big Moneymaker

Posted on 04/13 18:47 in Deals | 0

The next Pokémon GO event is coming our way, and wouldn't you know it: it's all about eggs.The event offers a greater variety of Pokémon found in 2km eggs, extra candy from said eggs, and double XP for the entirety of the event.

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Get cheap games and raise money for charity with Crystal Dynamics' 25th anniversary bundles

Posted on 07/19 13:34 in More | 0

Crystal Dynamics, the studio behind the classic Tomb Raider and Legacy of Kain series, is celebrating its 25th anniversary by raising money for charity with a bunch of game bundles.You can pledge money on the Tiltify page, and get a bundle of classic games in return.

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