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'Government Boondoggle' Beats 'Monopoly' As The Best New Board Game For 2017

Posted on 12/27 18:30 in Deals | 0

How Trump Can Fix The F-35 Fighter Program Without Hurting American Warfighters, Workers Or Allies You want more infrastructure spending but you're unsure of how to spend the money?Play this classic government spending game and watch billions of dollars disappear!

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China Consumer Tech Year In Review: Alibaba, Tencent, LeEco, Wanda Lead The Way

Posted on 12/29 13:00 in Deals | 0

But there is much more to come: consumer spending is expected to rise by 5.2% per year for the next decade.

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'The Walking Dead: A New Frontier' Is So Much Better Than The TV Show

Posted on 12/30 13:00 in Deals | 0

Minor spoilers for both Telltale's 'The Walking Dead: A New Frontier' and AMC's 'The Walking Dead' follow.A New Frontier, on the other hand, is a far more personal drama with emotional weight and surprising twists.

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'Zelda: Breath Of The Wild' Shows Off A New Guardian And It Might Be Coming Out In March After All

Posted on 12/31 18:00 in Deals | 0

In addition, according to a UK retailer the game might be coming out in March after all.However, GameStop was shown materials that indicated the game would be out before April.

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'Borderlands 3' Feels Like Its Missing Its Moment

Posted on 01/03 17:33 in Deals | 0

And yet, now that the genre is more popular than ever, it feels like this founding father is constantly left out of the conversation.I can’t imagine we’ll see Borderlands 3 until well into 2018, and who knows what the market will be like at that point.

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HP Raises Their Innovation Game At CES 2017 With Updated x360 and AIO, New Sprout Pro, Game Display

Posted on 01/03 18:48 in Deals | 0

The premium Windows notebook and 2-in-1 market is growing and HP has amped up their premium notebook game over the course of the past few years more than any company I track.Those new products are paying off financially or, if nothing else, from an ‘innovator’ brand metric giving HP some technology leadership points with customers and channels.

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'Star Citizen' Lumbers Into 2017 With $141 Million In Crowdfunding

Posted on 01/09 16:15 in Deals | 0

Forget Half-Life 3, Star Citizen is officially gaming’s most perplexing, compelling mystery release at this point.There’s perhaps no real significance to Star Citizen’s latest grand total, $141 million, other than the fact that it’s what’s now in the warchest heading into 2017.

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Hackers Have Found A Way To Add More Games To The NES Classic Edition

Posted on 01/10 18:01 in Deals | 0

Some hackers have found a way to fix one of the biggest issues with the NES Classic Edition by allowing users to add more games to the system.Personally, I really think Nintendo missed a massive opportunity with the NES Classic Edition.

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'The Walking Dead' Gets New Images Teasing The Second Half Of Season 7

Posted on 01/10 21:44 in Deals | 0

AMC has released three new images for the second half of The Walking Dead's seventh season, as well as an official synopsis.We've thankfully left the Rick from season 7A behind; Rick of season 7B appears to be up for a fight.

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Watch Tonight's Nintendo Switch Announcement Right Here

Posted on 01/12 18:27 in Deals | 0

We've seen the Switch in action a couple times already---once in a trailer and once on the Jimmy Fallon show---but tonight promises to be a more in-depth look at the system.You can watch the live-stream below.

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America's Smartphone Addiction Is Now An Epidemic

Posted on 01/13 12:04 in Deals | 0

Americans check their cellphones or mobile devices over 9 billion times per day; 50% also check their phones in the middle of the night.Technologies are quickly changing the way we deal with our emotions and how we interact with others.

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Getting Vidar to Early Access - Step 1 -

Posted on 01/14 20:49 in More | 0

To give you a timeline, I plan to release Vidar on Steam Early Access on January 31.I flagged any that had 1) already covered Vidar or 2) I wanted to send some kind of personalized email.

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EnvelopVR goes out of business! -

Posted on 01/14 20:51 in More | 0

That's especially dangerous for the VR industry right now because the VR market is so small.Investment money is just a scaffolding for your business to prop it up while you build the core business model.

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The Hidden Costs Of The Nintendo Switch Keep Adding Up

Posted on 01/16 16:16 in Deals | 0

Among the issues I may have with the Nintendo Switch, I’ve been a pretty ardent defender of its $300 price point from the start.But with that said, the more we learn about the Switch, the more Nintendo is stretching that price.

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Is Sony's PSVR Doomed Heading Into 2017?

Posted on 01/16 17:16 in Deals | 0

But as we head into 2017, even if Sony was predicting a slow start for PSVR, it’s hard to know exactly what happens now.Googling “upcoming PSVR games” yields outdated lists and no official results from Sony.

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One Thing That Both The Nintendo Switch And Xbox One Do Better Than The PS4

Posted on 01/17 22:32 in Deals | 0

Much ado has been made about the Nintendo Switch's tiny storage space.For a video game console, it's even more absurd given just how large video games are these days.

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'Super Mario Run' Should Be Free-To-Play On Android

Posted on 01/19 19:02 in Deals | 0

Oddly enough, the game felt as though it had been designed as a free-to-play game and then, last minute, slapped with a price-tag instead.I've come around to this way of thinking, but even more so I think Nintendo should release Super Mario Run as a free-to-play game on Android where piracy is far, far higher and a much bigger monetization problem.

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'Vikings' Season 4, Episode 18 Review: Revenge

Posted on 01/19 22:02 in Deals | 0

Think back: At the start of this season, Ragnar's first venture to Paris had been a mixed success and the viking king had fallen ill.By the time Ragnar was with us once again, Rollo had betrayed his people and gone over to the Parisians.

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