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Introduction - And a little bit about "Rube" -

Posted on 02/03 08:26 in More | 0

But Rube is a functioning model that I have actually been using for decades and I CAN tell you how Rube says that time and reality function within Rube.Because, according to Rube and how Rube functions anyway, “God” and “Time combined with Reality” are one and the same thing.

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GOG Valentine's Day sale features over 70 of the most wishlisted games

Posted on 02/14 13:01 in More | 0

GOG.The sale runs for six days.

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Modding is now available! -

Posted on 02/27 08:36 in More | 0

Hi all,Just thought I'd pop in again to let you all know that modding, probably the most requested feature since release, is now in the game!The new modding screen works by allowing you to update each fighter's attributes.

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3 Reasons 'Elder Scrolls Online' Now Has 8.5 Million Players

Posted on 02/27 18:03 in Deals | 0

You would be hard pressed to find an MMO that has so rapidly evolved as Elder Scrolls Online.5 million players based on copies of the game that have been sold.

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Journal Entry #7: Motivation? -

Posted on 03/02 19:51 in More | 0

I has been a while, I wish I could say that the time has been very well spent but, It has not, Well not most of it anyway.I have implemented a lot of systems and content into the game but that was done quickly compared to the time that I did not work on the game.

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I am overburdened, evolution of box-art -

Posted on 03/22 15:05 in More | 0

This first one is about the box-art of the game.tload of image sizes for promotional art (especially true if you plan to sell the game on multiple storefronts).

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'Disc Jam' Review: Raw With Tremendous Upside

Posted on 03/26 00:09 in Deals | 0

The latest and most promising title that fits that description is High Horse Entertainment's Disc Jam.However, Disc Jam falls woefully short in the depth department.

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'Yooka-Laylee' Review: A Nostalgic, If Slightly Flawed, Master Class In 3D Platforming

Posted on 04/04 17:01 in Deals | 0

Playtonic has crafted a universe that encourages exploration, but has left out the needless busywork saturation which tends to plague other open world games.Moving the duo around feels great for the most part, as do most of the special moves, like Laylee’s glide and Yooka’s double jump.

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The Evolution Of The Street Fighter Series' Most Popular Characters

Posted on 04/19 16:00 in Deals | 0

More than $724,000 in prize money has been awarded to winners of Street Fighter competitive gaming events since February 2016.To further entrench the Street Fighter brand in the consciousness of a new generation of fans, Capcom will release Ultra Street Fighter II for the Nintendo Switch in May.

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Ganondorf officially has a surname

Posted on 04/20 18:11 in More | 0

Nintendo has given Link's The Legend of Zelda nemesis, Ganondorf, a surname.As spotted by Destructoid, the online guide on the official Zelda website states that one of gaming's most infamous characters isn't like Seal or Madonna, and indeed has a family name.

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The Importance of Car Removal Services -

Posted on 04/26 12:48 in More | 0

Individuals who claim two autos more often than not utilize the most up to date one and let the old one in their carport for a boundless timeframe.In spite of general conviction, you don't need to pay for auto evacuations the length of you bid to a specific organization that offers auto expulsion administrations.

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Here Are Three Theories About January's Identity In 'Prey'

Posted on 04/28 19:44 in Deals | 0

What's interesting is that when you play as a male Morgan Yu, January is a man.But when you play as a female Morgan Yu, January is a woman.

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