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IBM’s TrueNorth artificial brain to watch, learn from real brains

Posted on 11/14 10:26 in Shows | 0

That sort of pattern finding is something conventional computers are bad at doing, but IBM hopes with new technology it will be able to watch the human brain in real-time — and potentially intervene.The researchers at IBM pointed out the real limiting factor is not computational power, but electrical power.

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Nvidia’s vision for deep learning AI: Is there anything a computer can’t do?

Posted on 11/15 15:41 in Shows | 0

At GTC Nvidia announced version 5 of it neural network libraries (cuDNN).CuDNN 5, GIE, and the updated Deep Learning SDK are all being made available as part of an update to Nvidia’s ComputeWorks.

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Deep-learning neural network creates its own interpretive dance

Posted on 10/02 06:50 in Shows | 0

Yet Spore took the easy road: None of the creatures look like human beings, which means we have no idea what they’re supposed to dance like.The neural network software lab Peltarion has teamed up with the Lulu Art Group to create the catchily-named “Chor-rnn,” a self-taught, dancing human skeleton.

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Qualcomm announces new deep learning SDK with support for Snapdragon 820, heterogeneous compute

Posted on 01/25 10:00 in Shows | 0

The new SDK (the Snapdragon Neural Processing Engine) runs on top of Qualcomm’s Zeroth Machine Intelligence Platform and is designed to leverage the heterogeneous compute capabilities of the Snapdragon 820.This core was rumored to be included as standard on all Snapdragon 820 devices.

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New in-ear device could be the beginning of a world without language barriers

Posted on 05/20 18:44 in Shows | 0

Now, a new device called Pilot could make that dream (mostly) a reality.We’ve got speech recognition, and we’ve got translation, and we’ve even got both of those things in real-time in some very specific cases, but a portable, near-real-time translation device that moves with you?

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Machine learning is about to change how corporations are run

Posted on 07/22 16:55 in Shows | 0

When you’re a big acquisition-hungry corporation like Google, sometimes you make mistakes — you pay billions for bug-riddled Nest technology, for example.Not only can Google rent out the company’s services for enormous profit, competing with other major machine learning entrants like Amazon for a quickly growing market share, but it can also use DeepMind’s insights to improve its own competitive advantage.

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AI beats doctors at visual diagnosis, observes many times more lung cancer signals

Posted on 08/18 19:16 in Shows | 0

” But in a busy hospital, there isn’t always time to find such a perfect human to review your results.” For instance, take a look at these stained breast cancer slides.

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Turing Learning breakthrough: Computers can now learn from pure observation

Posted on 08/30 19:03 in Shows | 0

This new learning process is called Turing Learning because it basically puts a very simple version of this pass-fail differentiation test into practice, over and over again.(As an aside, yes, the “model” swarm should really be the one that is used as the model, but whatever.

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Scientists develop official guidance on robot ethics

Posted on 09/20 13:47 in Shows | 0

This was long before even the most rudimentary artificial intelligence existed, so Asimov created a basic framework for robot behavior called the Three Laws of Robotics.Now the British Standards Institute (BSI) has issued its own version of the Three Laws.

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Your next car may be the most powerful computer you own

Posted on 10/05 16:36 in Shows | 0

Increasingly, though, new cars are powerful computing platforms — and starting to pack more compute power than laptops and even desktops.Coupled with an internal monitor, the result would be a more aerodynamic profile for the car, especially helpful for range-hungry electric vehicles.

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Google Brain's neural-net AI dreams up its own encryption strategy

Posted on 10/27 16:47 in Shows | 0

The company’s neural net/machine learning project, Google Brain, has been working on problems in medical imaging, robotics, and natural language processing, among others.It’s a machine-learning company,” Matthew Zeiler, a Google Brain alumnus, told Wired.

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MIT makes breakthrough in morality-proofing artificial intelligence

Posted on 11/01 18:03 in Shows | 0

But the difficulty is compounded when they involve artificial neural networks.Towards this end, researchers at MIT are investigating ways of making artificial neural networks more transparent in their decision-making.

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Google's DeepMind survival sim shows how AI can become hostile or cooperative

Posted on 02/16 20:48 in Shows | 0

Google’s DeepMind AI firm pitted a pair of neural networks against each other in two different survival scenarios.In the fruit-gathering scenario, the two AIs (indicated by red and blue squares) move across a grid in order to pick up green “fruit” squares.

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Google gives everyone machine learning superpowers with TensorFlow 1.0

Posted on 02/17 16:38 in Shows | 0

That began to change with the release of a number of open-source machine learning frameworks like Theano, Spark ML, Microsoft’s CNTK, and Google’s TensorFlow.With this week’s release of TensorFlow 1.

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This new application of layered neural nets is about to make Photoshop amazing

Posted on 04/05 17:11 in Shows | 0

Now a group of researchers from Cornell University and Adobe have layered neural nets atop an image style transfer AI, to create an even more powerful image manipulation tool they’re calling Deep Photo Style Transfer.It takes a reference image, often heavily stylized, and an input image.

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Why the Surge in Violence Against Robots Matters

Posted on 05/05 03:24 in Shows | 0

In the midst of fulminating about an approaching robot apocalypse, a strange and disturbing counter trend is taking place: the rise of violence against robots.Only more recently have robots found themselves performing jobs in the public eye — jobs like delivering pizza and patrolling malls.

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Nvidia Goes All in for AI With New Volta Architecture

Posted on 05/10 22:02 in Shows | 0

SAN JOSE, CA–A first-time attendee to Nvidia’s flagship GTC conference this week could be forgiven for thinking Nvidia was an AI company.The capstone was the announcement of Nvidia’s new Volta architecture and V100 chip.

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Deep Learning, AI Could One Day Assist in Spotting Cancer

Posted on 05/12 16:53 in Shows | 0

A year ago, the Office of the Vice President started the Cancer Moonshot.The Data Science Bowl is one such program, and awarding its prize is a critical milestone in support of the Cancer Moonshot.

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Google's AlphaGo Defeats World's Top Human Go Player

Posted on 05/23 21:08 in Shows | 0

After defeating several of the top players in the world, the “AlphaGo” AI has now bested Ke Jie, the current Go world champion.It’s possible for a moderately powerful computer to brute force all possible moves.

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