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IBM’s TrueNorth artificial brain to watch, learn from real brains

Posted on 11/14 10:26 in Shows | 0

That sort of pattern finding is something conventional computers are bad at doing, but IBM hopes with new technology it will be able to watch the human brain in real-time — and potentially intervene.The researchers at IBM pointed out the real limiting factor is not computational power, but electrical power.

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Scientists develop a memristor that can be conditioned just like a real synapse

Posted on 10/05 17:31 in Shows | 0

The memristor is made of a silicon-oxygen-nitrogen material laced with clumps of silver nanoparticles at the electrical terminals.When current is applied across the memristor, the silver nanoparticles shuffle around within their parent oxynitride matrix, to line up within a lightning-bolt-like path of least electrical resistance.

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