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How To Beat The Octo Oven Boss In Splatoon 2 | 1st Boss Guide

Posted on 07/23 18:16 in More | 0

The first boss of Splatoon 2 is a strange fight for first-timers.Learn how to deal with the killer Octo Oven with our fast battle guide.

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Uncover the Backstory of Splatoon 2 With All The Sunken Scrolls

Posted on 07/23 18:16 in More | 0

Learn the secret history of Inkopolis with all the Sunken Scroll locations in Splatoon 2.Go back and re-explore the levels of Splatoon 2 and find all the scrolls you might've missed with the complete list of collectible scrolls down below.

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Earn Splatoon 2 XP Faster With These Food Truck Ticket Locations

Posted on 07/23 18:16 in More | 0

There are four different types of food truck tickets, and redeeming the tickets at the food truck in Inkopolis will give you a variety of limited-time bonuses.Get your own story mode food truck tickets with all the locations we've found so far.

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Upgrade Your Splatoon 2 Hero Gear With All The Sardinium Locations

Posted on 07/23 18:16 in More | 0

If you want to unlock all those handy upgrades, you'll need to find Sardinium.At the start of the story campaign, after defeating the first boss, you'll unlock the upgrade machine near Marie's house.

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Overcooked: Special Edition launches on Nintendo Switch later this week

Posted on 07/24 15:35 in More | 0

Team17 and Ghost Town Games have today announced that the frantic, co-op cooking title Overcooked is launching on Nintendo Switch on July 27.And on top of that, Switch players will get The Lost Morsel and Festive Seasoning DLC packed-in from the off.

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Rayman Legends release date for Nintendo Switch revealed on eShop

Posted on 07/24 16:37 in More | 0

While Ubisoft hasn't made it official as of yet, it appears that Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition will be out on Nintendo Switch on September 12.If you go to the Coming Soon tab on the UK eShop, you'll see all the forthcoming software that will be available on Nintendo Switch in the coming months.

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The SNES Classic Launch Is On Track to Be Another Disaster

Posted on 07/24 22:21 in Shows | 0

It’s all very bizarre, and it’s possible we’re headed for a very similar outcome with the upcoming SNES Classic.Like the NES Classic, the SNES Classic will come with an assortment of pre-installed games from the original console.

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Here's A Trick To Get An Infinite Supply Of Splatoon 2 XP Booster Tickets

Posted on 07/25 18:44 in More | 0

There's a fast way to get an infinite supply of XP food tickets so you'll always have 50% more XP rewards for every splat session.Here, we'll show you have to max out your XP tickets -- the 50% XP tickets to be exact -- and it doesn't take that much time.

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ThinkGeek Almost Immediately Sells Out Of NES Classic Edition Restock

Posted on 07/25 23:01 in Deals | 0

Earlier today, nerd culture emporium ThinkGeek posted a fresh batch of NES Classic Editions for sale on their site, claiming to have "thousands" in stock.I know, almost too good to be true, considering that Nintendo has long ceased production on the in-demand mini console.

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The BG Game of the Month for June 2017 is The N.Sane Trilogy

Posted on 07/26 01:44 in More | 0

We’re a little late in posting this, but the game of the month for June 2017 was indeed chosen by the BG staff.As a big Crash Bandicoot fan from the PSOne days, I was really looking forward to this re-birth for the character.

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World of Nintendo toy line welcomes in its first playset - Peach's Castle

Posted on 07/26 02:40 in More | 0

Sorry Mario, but your Princess is in another castle.If you’re looking for Bowser though, he’s here in the World of Nintendo’s first playset.

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Nintendo Switch worldwide sales pass the 4.7 million mark

Posted on 07/26 10:50 in More | 0

Despite the demand, Nintendo hasn't increased its overall sales forecast of 10 million.08 million consoles and 335.

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The Switch And Mobile Games Are Putting Up Huge Numbers For Nintendo

Posted on 07/26 15:42 in Deals | 0

Led not only by big sales of the Nintendo Switch, but a new foray into mobile games, Nintendo now has much to be proud of, and there’s a whole lot to celebrate in their latest quarterly earnings report.Here are the highlights: I mean, there’s practically nothing but good news in there, and clear vindication for Nintendo’s bold new direction with the Switch after the unspectacular flameout of the Wii U.

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Episode 6: Erich Really is Indifferent About Marvel

Posted on 07/26 17:49 in More | 0

Another late night recording means that the gang has a lot of energy!There are a bunch of Marvel trailers to go over, even though Erich doesn’t really care.

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Nintendo's 'Artificial Scarcity' Is A Myth, But Supply Is Now Its Greatest Challenge

Posted on 07/27 16:55 in Deals | 0

That isn’t what’s happening, however, as Nintendo has plenty of success between the NES Classic, the Switch and their software, but they’re limiting themselves from reaching even greater heights by constantly being behind in supply.At a certain point, even though artificial scarcity might work as a tactic in some industries, in this case it’s pretty easy.

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New Nintendo Switch Bundles Are Available Right Now At GameStop

Posted on 07/27 20:04 in Deals | 0

If you're still looking for a Nintendo Switch you can get one right now at GameStop.That includes in-store and online purchases.

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Nintendo Download: Embark on a Very Personal RPG

Posted on 07/28 00:41 in More | 0

Next time, on a very special Nintendo Download… Oh wait, no I’m sorry, that should read “very personal”, mainly ’cause Miitopia is here.Before you answer that, consider that Nintendo is throwing a fair bit of weight behind Miitopia, the latest 3DS title from the company.

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