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Report: Nintendo Switch is Maxwell-based, built on 20nm technology

Posted on 12/15 22:15 in Shows | 0

This strategy has had decidedly mixed results, and with the Nintendo Switch, there was speculation that the company might have adopted a fundamentally different approach.A new report from GamesBeat suggests this is not the case — at least not to the extent that fans may have hoped.

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Nvidia leaks plans for a GTX 1080 Ti, potential 980 Ti step-up option, and a new Club GeForce Elite program

Posted on 12/19 13:35 in Shows | 0

Every now and then, they confirm them via LinkedIn job postings — and that’s what Nvidia has done with its plans for a GTX 1080 Ti, as well as a new “Club GeForce Elite.The job posting implies that Nvidia is planning to create a “Club GeForce Elite” program.

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Rounding up the 17-inch Blade Pro reviews: Is Razer's latest laptop a winner?

Posted on 12/20 17:00 in Shows | 0

The company has been behind some far-out proposals for next-generation hardware, worked with Intel and AMD to bring external dock support to market, and has pushed hard to position the Razer Blade (thin-and-light ultrabook) and Razer Blade Pro as high-end systems for enthusiasts who are often spoiled for choice.As a 17-inch system the Razer Blade Pro is a big laptop, but it still manages to weigh in below 8 lbs (7.

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Nvidia offering 'PC Gaming Revival' kits to make old hardware fresh again

Posted on 12/21 21:39 in Shows | 0

These sorts of hardware products used to be more common, particularly when CD-ROMs and multimedia capabilities started to debut in consumer hardware.Those of you who were computing back then likely recall the CD-ROM + speakers + SoundBlaster kits that companies like Creative often sold.

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Citron Research Says S&P 500 Top Performer Nvidia Has Run Too Far In 2016

Posted on 12/28 17:25 in Deals | 0

46 in early trading on Left's tweet.This year Left rattled chemicals producer Chemours when he called it a "bankruptcy waiting to happen.

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The Nintendo Switch won't feature a user-replaceable battery

Posted on 12/28 23:49 in Shows | 0

So far, confirmed news on Nintendo’s Switch is difficult to come by.We know the chip is based on Nvidia technology, we know it’s a hybrid console, and we know it’ll feature detachable controllers.

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AMD reveals new Radeon GPU architecture, codenamed Vega

Posted on 01/05 16:21 in Shows | 0

These entry-level to midrange cards would be followed by a full high-end refresh based on a new GPU design, codenamed Vega.One of the most common misconceptions about GPU RAM allocation and the popular freeware utility GPU-Z is that GPU-Z is capable of telling you how much RAM the GPU is actually using.

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Nvidia announces revamped Shield console with smaller footprint

Posted on 01/05 20:51 in Shows | 0

The Nvidia Shield Android TV box tries to emulate mainstream game consoles with game-streaming capabilities and an included controller.The new Nvidia Shield is considerably smaller than the last one, and it has a new, more refined controller.

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Nvidia announces GeForce Now streaming service for PCs with pay-per-minute gaming

Posted on 01/06 15:43 in Shows | 0

In late 2015, the service was launched as GeForce Now, a Netflix-style subscription service for streaming games from the cloud.PCs were notably absent from GeForce Now, but at CES Nvidia has announced a new version of the service for PCs.

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Nvidia's Huang Slays CES 2017 Keynote, Demonstrating Execution In Growth Markets And Technologies

Posted on 01/09 19:12 in Deals | 0

However, the company’s vision and its ability to execute on that vision all starts with very strong leadership from its CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang.Of course gaming was one of the cornerstones of Huang’s pitch, and with north of a $100 billion dollar market opportunity behind it in 2017, that stands to reason.

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NVIDIA Doubles Down At CES 2017 On Automotive And Cloud Gaming, Adds Smart Home

Posted on 01/10 00:15 in Deals | 0

Of the areas where NVIDIA participates in right now, two areas of growth for the company are gaming and automotive, both of which are growing and getting quite competitive.When it comes to self-driving cars, NVIDIA has been partnering with some of the leading automotive manufacturers in the world, like first-mover Tesla.

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Best cars of CES 2017 - almost the Car Electronics Show

Posted on 01/12 14:58 in Shows | 0

Just as well, because it could almost be called the Car Electronics Show.The North Hall of Las Vegas Convention Center was taken over by the automakers and suppliers, makers of car electronics such as Garmin, and a few resolute makers of aftermarket car speakers.

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Nintendo Switch launch event kicks off at 11 PM Thursday, pre-orders start Friday morning

Posted on 01/12 22:29 in Shows | 0

No, we can’t stuff a 120-150W TDP console from 2013 into a tablet from 2017, but the Wii U’s power consumption was vastly lower — around 30-40W when gaming.That kind of advance is possible, particularly considering that the Wii U was built on older 40/45nm technology, not 28nm.

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Now we know what Microsoft's upcoming 'Game Mode' for Windows 10 will do

Posted on 01/18 14:08 in Shows | 0

A few weeks ago, sharp-eyed users spotted something new in a Windows 10 Insider Preview build — reference to a new “Game Mode.But a new investigation suggests the new feature won’t make much difference for the vast majority of Windows 10 gamers.

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PC gaming surges, while the rest of the PC market declines

Posted on 01/24 13:55 in Shows | 0

With the PC market now in its sixth straight year of decline, it’s obvious these efforts have met with minimal success.The total market for PC gaming hardware (including gaming accessories) broke $30 billion for the first time in 2016.

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New Nvidia Shield update delivers 4K streaming, refreshed gaming app

Posted on 01/27 17:36 in Shows | 0

First, there’s a new Nvidia Games app replacing the old Shield Hub software.A short video demonstrating the new interface and layout for titles is below: The goal of the Nvidia Games app is to unify and simplify various methods of interfacing with your available games.

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Nvidia adds hardware verification to stop reselling of free game codes

Posted on 02/02 22:03 in Shows | 0

Graphics card makers often toss in a free game with the purchase of a new card.With these promos, you must use the GeForce Experience app on your computer to process the free game code.

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Nvidia unveils Quadro cards powered by full GP100 Pascal GPUs, HBM2

Posted on 02/07 13:58 in Shows | 0

Now Nvidia has announced the Quadro GP100 — an ultra-high end GPU based on the full Pascal implementation, with HBM2 attached as well.In fact, the Quadro GP100 offers less FLOPS performance than the GP102-derived P6000.

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Russian man sentenced for killing friend in AMD vs. Nvidia GPU dispute

Posted on 02/23 19:58 in Shows | 0

Last year, two Russian men got into an argument over who made the superior GPU, AMD or Nvidia.The fight ended when Aleksander Trofimov murdered his former friend, Evgeny Lylin in a disagreement over who made the better GPU.

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The Fastest Graphics Card In The World Will Be Unveiled In Two Days

Posted on 02/26 22:09 in Deals | 0

The Quadro P6000 is built around NVIDIA’s GP102 GPU, like the current Pascal-based Titan X.The Quadro P6000 is also outfitted with 24GB of GDDR5X memory, versus 12GB of the Titan X.

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