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Oculus unveils AMD-powered $500 VR-capable PCs, debuts new asynchronous spacewarp technology

Posted on 10/07 13:55 in Shows | 0

When the Oculus Rift launched this year, Oculus’ official minimum recommendation was an 900 system running a GTX 970.Earlier this year, Oculus introduced a feature supported by both AMD and Nvidia known as asynchronous timewarp.

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Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti, 1050 outed, priced — and built by Samsung

Posted on 10/18 21:14 in Shows | 0

The GTX 1050 Ti will be a 768-core card, with 4GB of RAM, a 128-bit memory interface, 48 texture units, and 32 ROPS, while the GTX 1050 is a 640-core card with 2GB of RAM, 40 texture units, and 32 ROPS.Boost clock is 1392MHz on the 1050 Ti and 1455MHz on the 1050.

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Tesla declares victory on self-driving car hardware, announces full autonomous capability

Posted on 10/20 19:07 in Shows | 0

But to fulfill Tesla’s promise of full Level 5 capability, eventually it will need to be able to get you door to door.The fine print in Tesla’s announcement reveals that cars with the new hardware will actually have less features for now (and that’s expected to start changing in December).

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Nintendo announces Nvidia-powered Switch hybrid game console

Posted on 10/20 20:00 in Shows | 0

From portable play to multiplayer matches in games like Splatoon, the Nintendo Switch is the hybrid system it was rumored to be.It’s not clear if the Switch is fully compatible with the Wii U or if the company is porting certain titles to the new platform for re-release.

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Nintendo patent filings suggest the Switch could be hiding some significant features

Posted on 10/24 21:25 in Shows | 0

On the one hand, major corporations want to build support for features and capabilities to excite customers and developers.Polygon has written an in-depth description of the capabilities of Nintendo’s Switch as described in various patent filings.

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Nvidia’s GTX 1050, 1050 Ti seize the entry-level GPU performance crown from AMD

Posted on 10/25 21:56 in Shows | 0

Unfortunately for AMD, Nvidia’s new GTX 1050 and 1050 Ti land today, and they’re not pulling any punches.The GTX 1050 is a 640-core GPU with 40 texture units and the same 32 ROPS (640:40:32).

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Nvidia's GTX 1050, 1050 Ti seize the entry-level GPU performance crown from AMD

Posted on 10/26 20:42 in Shows | 0

Unfortunately for AMD, Nvidia’s new GTX 1050 and 1050 Ti land today, and they’re not pulling any punches.The GTX 1050 is a 640-core GPU with 40 texture units and the same 32 ROPS (640:40:32).

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EVGA GTX 1080s and 1070s allegedly exploding due to improper VRM cooling

Posted on 11/01 13:15 in Shows | 0

Reports from Reddit and the EVGA forums suggest that a number of cards have failed catastrophically and in high-profile fashion.During our recent testing, we have applied additional thermal pads between the backplate and the PCB and between the baseplate and the heatsink fins, with the results shown below.

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EVGA offers updated BIOS, RMA cross-shipping for GTX 1080, 1070, 1060 failures

Posted on 11/02 21:50 in Shows | 0

In response, EVGA said it would ship thermal pads to any customer who requested them.On ACX 3.

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10 years ago, Nvidia launched the G80-powered GeForce 8800 and changed PC gaming, computing forever

Posted on 11/08 21:02 in Shows | 0

On November 8, 2006, Nvidia officially launched its first unified shader architecture and first DirectX 10-compatible GPU, the G80.The new chip debuted in two new cards, the $599 GeForce 8800 GTX and the $449 GeForce 8800 GTS.

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Nvidia absolutely crushes its quarterly earnings, has its first $2 billion quarter

Posted on 11/11 23:17 in Shows | 0

Other sources, like Quadro, grew a modest 9%, but nothing like the leap that gaming GPUs saw.Data center revenue grew by 59% as well, though this was much smaller in absolute terms ($230 million in data center sales, versus over $1 billion in gaming revenue).

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China retains its lead with the two fastest supercomputers in the world

Posted on 11/14 20:40 in Shows | 0

Today brings a new TOP500 list of the 500 fastest supercomputers in the world.And China still sits on top, with the number one and number two systems: Sunway TaihuLight, at a Linpack rating of 93 petaflops, and Tianhe-2, at 34 petaflops.

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Nvidia builds its own supercomputer, claims top efficiency spot in the TOP500

Posted on 11/15 13:49 in Shows | 0

This year, Nvidia has made its own entry — and no, I don’t mean that Nvidia is powering someone else’s system, or that the company collaborated with a different firm.According to Nvidia, the new machine is 2.

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IBM, Nvidia release new PowerAI software suite for deep learning projects

Posted on 11/15 20:59 in Shows | 0

At some point this year the big buzzword appears to have shifted away from “the cloud” to “deep learning.In similar fashion, everybody who’s anybody is setting machine learning loose on problems — especially the much-beloved process of deep learning.

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AMD adds GPU firepower to Google's cloud services

Posted on 11/16 14:06 in Shows | 0

A recent deal Team Red inked with Google could help AMD establish a foothold in this emerging market, and give its GPU business an important shot in the arm.Beginning in 2017, AMD’s FirePro SC9300 x2 server GPUs will be deployed to accelerate the performance of Google’s Compute Engine and the Google Cloud Machine.

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Intel announces major AI push with upcoming Knights Mill Xeon Phi, custom silicon

Posted on 11/21 14:12 in Shows | 0

The upcoming Knights Mill is still pretty hazy, but Intel has stated that the chip will be up to 4x faster than existing Knights Landing hardware.Right now, the company is working on three separate forays into the AI / deep learning market.

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Qualcomm claims it will lead the mobile industry with Snapdragon 835, 10nm manufacturing

Posted on 11/21 21:23 in Shows | 0

This quick 10nm ramp will happen in partnership with Samsung, which also led the industry on early 14nm technology.“We are excited to continue working together with Samsung in developing products that lead the mobile industry,” said Keith Kressin, senior vice president, product management, Qualcomm Technologies.

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GPU sales surged in 2016 on strong demand for high-end desktop, laptop gaming

Posted on 11/28 22:14 in Shows | 0

After Nvidia’s record-breaking quarter earlier this month, it was clear that the overall gaming market had to be in fairly good shape.No matter where you look, overall gaming shipments are up — but the gains from those improvements aren’t being spread equally between AMD and Nvidia.

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Chips, ahoy: Intel joins Delphi-Mobileye self-driving collaboration

Posted on 12/01 19:06 in Shows | 0

This week Intel joined Delphi and Mobileye in a partnership that would produce the sensor components and autonomous driving software, some of it embedded on Intel chips, that would let automakers create self-driving cars.The self-drive technology package would be turned over to automakers in 2019, with the expectation vehicles would go on sale a year or two later.

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AMD may license its Radeon graphics IP to Intel for use in desktops, high performance computing

Posted on 12/07 22:07 in Shows | 0

The question is, what kind of product would Intel wind up building, and when might it hit market?This rumor comes courtesy of [H]ardOCP’s Kyle Bennet, who writes that “The licensing deal between AMD and Intel is signed and done for putting AMD GPU tech into Intel’s iGPU.

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