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Oculus under fire for efforts to secure exclusive rights to VR titles

Posted on 06/15 22:00 in Shows | 0

Now the company is in the hot seat again over its attempts to secure paid exclusives for the Rift.Another Croteam employee later chimed in with additional information and clarification on the relationship between Oculus and the Serious Sam VR team.

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Oculus silently reverses course on its DRM strategy, removes lockouts from Oculus Store

Posted on 06/24 23:11 in Shows | 0

Last month, Oculus rolled out a DRM solution as part of the Oculus Store’s software.The purpose of the patch was to make it impossible to play Oculus Store games on headsets like HTC’s Vive, even if the games in question were legally purchased.

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Oculus clears its backlog, all Rifts to ship within 2-4 days

Posted on 07/12 20:38 in Shows | 0

All Rift pre-orders have now shipped, and new Rift orders from Oculus.The company also notes that it’ll have lots more to share about Oculus Touch at its OC3 (Oculus Connect 3) event later this year, along with more than 30 launch titles to showcase.

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Pokémon Go is a roaring success — so why did Google spin off the company that developed it?

Posted on 07/13 23:12 in Shows | 0

Its developer, Niantic, has just vaulted from its position as a young company with a modestly successful mobile AR game (Ingress) to a behemoth of online gaming.However, Niantic’s independence was probably critical to landing a contract with Nintendo in the first place, according to Business Insider.

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- Your Game Development Resource

Posted on 07/30 06:03 in More | 0

Spent three days making a game for another gameJam.It was rather challenging since I had to create models for stuff that I had yet attempted.

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In routing around paralysis, researchers may have found an amazing way to treat it

Posted on 08/11 19:13 in Shows | 0

Second, their regimen of step-wise training, including a virtual reality component, seems to be crucial to inducing the neural sprouting effect.After the VR component, patients graduate to a partial exoskeleton on a treadmill.

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Oculus Rift hits the highstreet next month -

Posted on 08/23 03:24 in More | 0

Oculus Rift will officially launch at UK and European retail stores on September 20, making the device available to a mainstream audience at locations including John Lewis, Curry's PC World, GAME and Harrods.Online retail giant Amazon is also taking pre-orders(?

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Survey: Developers prefer Vive to Oculus, but worry about nausea, high price of VR gear

Posted on 08/25 18:14 in Shows | 0

A recent survey by the UBM Game Network, which runs the Virtual Reality Developer’s Conference, GDC, and polled VR developers on their preferred platforms, game development plans, and long-term confidence in the medium.

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New Oculus update adds Facebook integration, real-names policy

Posted on 09/16 16:55 in Shows | 0

8 software update doesn’t make that integration mandatory, but it includes capabilities that may raise eyebrows with its current users.Once you sign in via Facebook, all of your friends who own a Rift are automatically populated into your Oculus friends list.

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Oculus founder Palmer Luckey confirmed as anonymous backer behind pro-Trump memes

Posted on 09/23 21:12 in Shows | 0

Palmer Luckey, the founder of Oculus VR who sold the company to Facebook in 2014 for $2 billion, has been confirmed as the major financial backer behind a pro-Donald Trump group called Nimble America.” The DailyBeast broke the story and confirmed with Luckey that he was the near-billionaire NimbleRichMan associated with Nimble America.

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Oculus unveils AMD-powered $500 VR-capable PCs, debuts new asynchronous spacewarp technology

Posted on 10/07 13:55 in Shows | 0

When the Oculus Rift launched this year, Oculus’ official minimum recommendation was an 900 system running a GTX 970.Earlier this year, Oculus introduced a feature supported by both AMD and Nvidia known as asynchronous timewarp.

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Oculus debuts new touch controllers at $199, initial reviews are positive

Posted on 10/07 18:42 in Shows | 0

Ever since the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive debuted, the Vive has had one significant feature that the Rift lacked: handheld controls.Early feedback from reviewers who have spent time with the controls has been quite positive.

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Oculus disables Gear VR on the Galaxy Note 7 as Samsung kills the phone permanently

Posted on 10/11 23:36 in Shows | 0

It’s not clear how many Note 7 devices actually have a safety problem, but Samsung’s various partners are treating the situation extremely seriously.This is being treated across the internet as the effective death of the Note 7.

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Steam survey suggests VR adoption has skidded to a halt

Posted on 10/13 14:25 in Shows | 0

8%, Oculus Rift 30.22%, Oculus Rift DK2 9.

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Ultimate virtual reality holiday gift guide

Posted on 11/23 14:49 in Shows | 0

What a year it’s been for virtual reality!Three major platforms launched, dozens of new games were released, and this is just the beginning.

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Santa's VR Christmas Gift Guide

Posted on 11/29 20:17 in Deals | 0

Or, for the budget-minded, there’s Google Cardboard which works with both Samsung, Apple, and the new Google phone.It’s VR, but not the fancy VR that the dedicated headgear offers.

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Latest Steam update adds full PS4 controller support, 4K in-home streaming

Posted on 12/14 15:58 in Shows | 0

The big news from this patch will be welcome for anyone who likes using a PS4 controller on the PC — it’s now fully supported in Steam’s Big Picture mode.According to Valve, you can configure the PS4 controller the same way you’d configure a native Steam controller, with native API support and robust button mapping.

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Is Facebook Slowly Eroding The Oculus Brand?

Posted on 12/14 22:03 in Deals | 0

While Oculus experienced growth pains earlier this year, Facebook made it abundantly clear at OC3 this year that they have much bigger plans for Oculus and VR as an industry.While Oculus is a strong brand among gamers and people that know about VR; those that don’t know VR have no knowledge of the Oculus brand or what it does.

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How Oculus Lost Market Leadership -- And How It Can Win It Back

Posted on 12/20 18:10 in Deals | 0

On March 25th 2014, Facebook’s $2 billion acquisition of Oculus sparked life in the Virtual Reality industry.A third, dominant entrant, made things even harder for Oculus to retain its leadership position.

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Facebook Challenges $2 Billion Lawsuit Alleging Oculus Stole Key Technology

Posted on 01/10 21:46 in Deals | 0

Monday marked the start of a $2 billion Dallas trial that emerged from a lawsuit by video game startup ZeniMax, alleging that -owned Oculus VR stole some of its key technology and promoted a fake origin story to hide the truth.The story notes that Oculus denied claims by ZeniMax alleging that Carmack brought over proprietary information.

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