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Palmer Luckey, co-founder of Oculus, has left Facebook

Posted on 03/31 16:27 in Shows | 0

After six months of radio silence on the issue, Facebook has announced that Palmer Luckey is leaving the company.” Since then, he’s kept himself scarce, only appearing in public to testify in Zenimax Media’s lawsuit against Oculus.

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Oculus Closes VR Movie Studio: Story Studio

Posted on 05/05 09:27 in More | 0

Oculus, the creator of popular VR headset the Oculus Rift, has announced the closure of one of its studios today.The studio in question is Story Studio, a division of the company that focuses on VR movies, rather than games.

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Microsoft Files Trademark Application for 'DirectReality' as E3 Approaches

Posted on 06/09 17:15 in Shows | 0

Now, we know the company is possibly looking to emphasize VR or AR with a new trademark filing for DirectReality.The single-word trademark describes itself as applying to “Computer software; computer game software; computer software for holographic applications… Online computer software; online computer game software; online computer software for holographic applications; Software as a Service (SaaS).

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The Truth Of HBO's 'Silicon Valley' Perfect Skewering Of The VR Unicorn

Posted on 06/12 13:17 in Deals | 0

Throughout season four, one industry, in particular, has seen consistent skewering: virtual reality and its fallacy.That’s not to say virtual reality isn't fantastic, but that, in its current state, it hasn't had the reach that all the hype would suggest.

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Oculus Rift & Touch bundle receives another price drop to £399, for a limited time

Posted on 07/10 13:36 in More | 0

As part of its Summer of Rift, a celebration of the VR community, Oculus has dropped the price of the Oculus Rift & the Touch controller even further to £399 (for a limited time).Announcing the price drop on its Blog, Oculus is also offering huge discounts on some Oculus games as well.

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The Order 1886 devs team up with Oculus for VR space adventure Lone Echo

Posted on 07/12 16:51 in More | 0

Ready At Dawn and Oculus Studios have released the debut trailer for VR space adventure Lone Echo.As Jack, a cybernetic AI stationed on a mining facility on the outer rings of Saturn, you become aware of an unknown anomaly whose very existence threatens the space station and the livelihood of your human companion.

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Sales of VR girlfriend experience have doubled following Oculus Rift price drop

Posted on 07/13 15:28 in More | 0

Writing on his Twitter account, Naoyuki Otsuru, the self professed Hentai VR Evangelist, has attributed the sales increase of VR Kanojo to the Oculus Rift’s hardware being more reasonably priced.For those of you unsure exactly what a VR girlfriend experience is, it’s probably best you remain that way.

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Oculus Working With Qualcomm on Wireless Rift, Slashes Price in Half

Posted on 07/14 17:22 in Shows | 0

As the graph above shows, HTC’s overall market share remained flat from February to June, still locked in at 0.76x more market share than Oculus Rift enjoys, but the Rift is slowly creeping up while HTC looks like it’s nearly stopped.

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There's No Oculus Rift 2 Coming Anytime Soon

Posted on 07/24 16:57 in Shows | 0

In the wake of Oculus’ decision to cut the price of the Oculus Rift with controllers to $400, there’s been some worry that this move indicates a major new platform update is imminent.” While Nate Mitchell (co-founder of Oculus) and Rubin gave neither Rift sales figures nor a launch date for a future Oculus Rift 2.

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Oculus lets Rift users play their Steam games in VR in update 1.17

Posted on 08/07 15:56 in More | 0

17 released over the weekend, Oculus added a feature that’ll allow Rift users to ‘quickly launch all apps that support Rift from within the Oculus software, even if you acquired those apps from outside the Oculus Store’.That means you can play the Rift compatible VR games from your Steam or GOG account without having to do any pain-in-the-backside workarounds anymore.

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Vive VR Matches Oculus Price Cut, Portending Big Changes

Posted on 08/22 02:20 in Deals | 0

The announcement follows a similar reduction in the price of Facebook's Oculus Rift last month.Jason Rubin, Oculus' Vice-President, Content, told me on July 7th that "2017  is the year of VR content came of age.

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HTC Slashes the Vive's Price to $599, But The Platform Isn't Moving

Posted on 08/22 14:05 in Shows | 0

Matthew Gepp, writing for Vive, notes: Starting today (8/21), we are reducing the price of Vive by $200.The high-end, PC-based consumer Vive that is in market today, and will be for the foreseeable future, will now be available for $599.

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Behind Those High End VR Price Cuts

Posted on 08/22 16:39 in Deals | 0

The announcement follows a similar reduction in the price of Facebook's Oculus Rift last month.Now that people know more about VR and with AAA games like "Fallout 4" and "DOOM" are launching soon, HTC understands the benefit of setting a more accessible price for their headset.

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HTC May Spin Off or Sell Its Virtual Reality Business

Posted on 08/25 15:11 in Shows | 0

6% market share and Samsung at 28%.(Android phones collectively have more market share than Apple, and Samsung’s share of the worldwide market is significantly larger than Apple).

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